ADAC demands: Speedometer manipulation must come to an end!

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manipulated speedometer ADAC demands: Speedometer manipulation must come to an end!

Speedometer manipulation is (unfortunately) done in just a few simple steps. The ADAC has investigated that the process can not only be carried out on older cars, but even with current models. Different cars were selected for the test. With the help of one freely for sale The random sample was carried out using the manipulation device. A 2019 Ford Kuga, a 2019 Peugeot 208 and a 2020 Opel Grandland X were chosen for the speedometer manipulation test. The result caused a nasty surprise, because it was possible within a very short time any mileage can be entered. The police assume that around every third Used car is sold in Germany with a speedometer manipulation.

Speedometer manipulation

Carly OBD APP Speedometer manipulation ADAC demands: Speedometer manipulation must come to an end!

The manipulation of the test vehicles turns out to be child's play. Only a device for tachometer manipulation was used for the experiment. In the case of the Opel and Ford, the manipulation device only needs to be connected to the onboard diagnostic unit, while the Opel also has to be connected to the speedometer. Research by the ADAC has shown that around 170 other car models that have come onto the market since 2019 can also be manipulated in this simple way. An EU regulation has actually been in force since September 2017, which should make the mileage for new car models inviolable. An extension to all new vehicles, which came into effect from September 2018, should round off the protection. According to ADAC, the implementation has still not been completed in full.

The effectiveness of protective devices should be determined

In order to guarantee an all-encompassing protection, the ADAC demands the regulation to some essential points complete. Above all, the Effectiveness of the protective devices clear fixed will. But that's not all the automobile club has in mind. They are calling for an independent authority that controls the protection against tampering with speedometers. As an example, the ADAC gives the Federal Office for Information Security, which operates according to the Common Criteria (ISO 15408) method.

Odometer manipulations can be done quickly and in just a few simple steps. Consumers can legally purchase devices and software in stores. For the manipulation devices is no expertise necessary. It must no expansion are made by vehicle parts, the connection of the device is sufficient. In this way, lower mileage is stolen from used cars and they lead to a higher price when selling. Often times are too Leasing vehicles affected by the manipulation. However, this is not carried out at the end of the term, but rather during it. The damage for the authorized workshops is enormous, since the vehicle is assigned a lower mileage.

Turn back the mileage Tacho fraud ADAC demands: Tacho manipulation must come to an end!
Those days are long gone. Nowadays everything is done electronically

It is not only the authorized repair shop for leasing vehicles that is affected by the odometer manipulation. First and foremost, the used car buyers belong to the clientele that pays the bill in the end because the problem is not only the excessive purchase price. Ultimately, the buyer does not know when the maintenance intervals are to be observed or when particularly vulnerable vehicle parts need to be replaced. Failure to maintain it can quickly lead to an avoidable total loss of the vehicle. Odometer manipulation is hardly recognizable. Even professionals such as experts and auto repair shops face a major problem. An important indicator is the history of the vehicle. These include, for example TÜV reports including AU or invoices for repairs carried out. Even mundane things like changing the oil are indicators of the plausibility of the mileage.

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