Tip: How fast can you drive in play streets?

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spielstrasse traffic-calmed area Tempo 2 Tip: How fast can you drive in Spielstrasse?

Game streets are nationwide by a corresponding Traffic sign marked. But how fast can you drive your car on such a play street? Most drivers know that you are on a so-called play street (although this is actually not the right name for the area) have to drive more slowly, but hardly anyone knows how much km / h you are actually allowed to drive. In order to get your driving license in Germany, you need to have a good understanding of the road traffic regulations. Therefore, you should be familiar with all common traffic signs during the theory test. Unfortunately, the knowledge acquired in driving school is quickly forgotten. That is why there are many traffic signs that even experienced drivers do not know, such as the Green arrow at the traffic lights, or the traffic sign that indicates a play street.

How fast can you be on a play street?

Basically is a play street should not equal to a play street. Sounds confusing, but it is because there are differences in the traffic sign that marks a play street. According to the catalog of fines, the actual name for this section is, namely "traffic-free area". Cars, motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to drive through these, with pedestrians and children always have priority. A play street, on the other hand, is for Vehicles blocked. Nevertheless, in Germany the term Spielstraße has become established for a traffic-calmed area.

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only drive at walking pace

In principle, drivers are only allowed to drive at walking pace on a play street or in a traffic-calmed area. The problem, however, is that the highway code no Speed ​​limit. Therefore, you need to orient yourself to the passers-by. In the event of a dispute, a court must therefore decide whether the walking pace was observed or not. Accordingly, it emerged from a ruling by the Higher Regional Court of Brandenburg that the appropriate speed for the judge was at maximum 7 km/h lies. Deviating from this, the district court in Leipzig set the maximum speed 15 km/h fixed. However, there is a problem at such low speeds as many vehicles do not display them accurately. Therefore, experts advise you to put the car into first gear just let it roll.

spielstrasse traffic-calmed area Tempo 3 Tip: How fast can you drive in Spielstrasse?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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