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Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?

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Land Rover Defender 110 End Edition Kahn Design 7 Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?

Especially in the area of Off-road vehicles and their modifications are new Metal aprons popular. Tuners like Hennessey performance, Kahn design & Co. usually install these with further modifications such as lifts, coarse off-road tires and also in combination with flared fenders on various SUVs and other off-road vehicles. But these conversions are mostly outside of Germany, and can often be used legally there. But how does it look in Germany when you want to equip a current vehicle with a metal apron? Is that actually allowed? While the robust components of older vehicles and older conversions are often a kind of Stock protection have, the question naturally arises with regard to entries in the present.

Steel bumpers on the car

Land Rover Defender 90 from OCC Osprey Custom Cars 10 Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?

Unfortunately, in a particularly large number of cases, it can be said in general that a metal apron is entered not possible anymore is. Especially when it comes to a front apron. Not because the testing organizations are not allowed to or do not want to do this, rather it is usually there for the components none Part certificates or test reports. However, these documents are an essential prerequisite for a successful entry in accordance with StVZO §19, Paragraph 2 in conjunction with §21 in the vehicle documents. If no documents are available, then the individual acceptance is usually also erfolglos. If the metal aprons are installed anyway, the vehicle's operating permit expires. It is the same with the popular ones Bull catchers. These are almost only available for approval Acrylic.

Why are there no documents?

The metal aprons quite simply almost always fail on the subject pedestrian protection. This is namely should not guaranteed, since the metal does not - or hardly - gives way when it hits a person. And the whole thing gets even more complicated when a Winch carrier / work carrier is there. This must as invisible as possible be integrated in a plastic apron in order to make a problem-free entry possible. By the way, we can make a general statement should not make. You should always advance phone a testing organization and explain the project.

Pedestrian protection Steel bumper Bull catcher Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?
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From time to time there is also the possibility of the bumpers as special Equipment carrier to classify, for example, for the one mentioned winchwhich may simplify an entry again. But that's what happens here maximum permissible total weight a role. Simple cars / pickups / SUVs up to 2,5 tons have bad cards. Beyond this weight, however, there may be a few options.

Vehicle classes can play a role!

There are, for example, the vehicle classes M1G (ATVs) and M1 (automobiles and RVs). And there are also some regulations that apply to M1 / ​​N1, but at the same time should not for M1G / N1G vehicle. If your own vehicle has a “G” in the description of the vehicle class, this may simplify the argumentation regarding the need for an equipment carrier. But even here you should previously it is essential to contact the testing organization and discuss the project.

m1g vehicle class approval Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?

Depending on the vehicle, it may even be possible in the case of “G” vehicles, including a winch bracket without a parts certificate to be entered. But it is important that the vehicle about 2,5 tons weighs and the requirements of the appropriate G vehicle class is equivalent to. If the vehicle is slightly below the curb weight, then maybe one can Charging be the solution. At the end... A registration and thus the legal use of a metal apron is not completely excluded. However, it is essential to clarify the circumstances in advance and the chances that it will succeed are probably smaller than that it will not succeed. In any case, we wish you a lot of success!

Land Rover Defender 90 from OCC Osprey Custom Cars 9 Are steel bumpers still allowed on the car?

Of course, that wasn't the end of it.

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