California: Adhesive license plates now allowed!

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California sticker Allowed 2

In California it is now that too normalo possible, the front license plate stick on. That means that we usually have illegal ones Adhesive label can there be used legally. That puts an end to the days, at least for Californians, when the front license plate defaced the front of the car with a frame and/or holes. The innovative alternative to license plates made of metal or Acrylic means no more worrying about ugly front panels ruining the styling of the car. In the United States of America, the rules for front license plates are set by the states. And 31 of the 50 states in America stipulate the use of a front license plate. But the front license plate in particular negates a large part of the efforts that vehicle manufacturers put into the design and aerodynamics of the cars. This is especially true for sports cars. But since 2013, California has been trying to find alternatives to the conventional front license plate with Senate Bill No. 806 via the California DMV.

tested on police vehicles

And the company License Plate Wraps (LPW) from Huntington Beach (California) had a special Number plate foil since 2015 the new type of license plate has been tested on 28 vehicles of the California Highway Patrol of Sacramento. And from now on, the Plate Warps will be offered to the residents of California. The pilot program has been extended to 2023 for the time being. For such a indicia film For example, the Californians go to LPW's website and submit their license plate information to the company. Users can currently choose from 8 different license plate designs and among them are special designs as well as important things like a disabled license plate. It will be interesting to see whether the project will spread further and whether it might even spill over into conservative Germany.

California License Plates Allowed

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