Sticker on the vehicle: not everything is allowed!

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For many, the car is not only a functional object, but also a piece of home. And many decorate their homes with personal items, and so some decorate their cars with stickers. Yet, where can you put stickers on the car? First of all, stickers can be applied wherever they do not affect driving safety. However, it is sometimes difficult to remove the stickers from the paintwork without leaving any residue. You need a hair dryer and some skill for this. However, sometimes the paint is damaged afterwards. So this kind of decoration of the vehicle should be considered. The gluing of the discs is then already better. There you can easily get the sticker off again.

Stickers on the vehicle!

But there are a few things to consider. For example, that the driver's view must not be impaired. Stickers that are too large can obstruct the view. If the slide (Tint stripes) or the sticker occupies a larger area than 0,1 square meter, then that changes the approval from the car. If you still want to apply the sticker, you need a type approval (ABE) as an attachment to the vehicle documents. And this rule also applies to the side windows. The rear window, on the other hand, is less of a problem, because the driver can still use the right-hand exterior mirror for additional orientation.

What types of stickers are there anyway?

There are basically two groups of stickers for the vehicle. One type are the functional ones, such as vignettes or the environmental badge, and then there are the stickers to decorate the car. The typical Italy sticker or the alpine club, the football club, children on board, an amusement park or your favorite band. What doesn't belong on the car, of course, are inflammatory stickers. You should also be careful with political glue overall.

summarized the most important information on the topic:

  • prohibited symbols must not be stuck on the car
  • Size & placement are regulated in the road traffic regulations
    - Panes made of safety glass, which are important for the driver's view, must be clear, translucent and distortion-free (paragraph 40 paragraph 1.)
    – the driver's view of the traffic must not be obstructed
  • for example, a tinted stripe is permitted on the windscreen
  • Parking and toll vignettes, the environmental sticker, etc. are permitted (sometimes even mandatory)
    - but they must be applied outside of the driver's field of vision
  • Stickers/foils that are larger than 0,1 square meters or take up more than a quarter of the pane require a type approval
    – if the approval is missing, the operating license expires
    – this also applies to the side windows
  • Stickers or advertising messages on the rear window are not a problem if there is a right-hand exterior mirror
  • this is how stickers are removed
    – Heat the sticker slightly with a hair dryer beforehand
    – Loosen with a plastic scraper
    – Remove adhesive residues with alcohol cleaner
    – Be careful with stickers on the sheet metal

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