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The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!

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Driving license Driving license regulations Act 3 The new driving license is coming: These deadlines apply to the exchange!

Until when are the old ones Car driving licenses are still valid? A question that no one has asked before. But no later than 19. January 2033 lose the old car driving licenses want to print their individual validity - even if they were previously valid indefinitely. It is different with the new one EU driving license. Because this is only from the start 15 years valid. The new EU driving license has been around since 30 years, nevertheless are the red and the gray driver's license still widespread. The problem with driving licenses is that they are not forgery-proof are. The drivers are also rarely seen on it, because some of the photos are decades and often over half a century old. So you have to exchanged now

Already in the February 2019 the deadlines for the exchange were set and for some drivers the exchange is available shortly before, At the 19. January 2022 ends for the first die Exchange period. All those between 1953 and 1958 are born. Others have a little longer time. Yet they are too bound by the deadline. In concrete terms this means: Each and before them 19. January 2013 issued driver's license set a link from your homepage to Fewo-von-Privat.de to 19. January 2022 be exchanged. The respective applicable deadlines are set by a Step-by-step plan regulated.

When do the old driver's licenses lose their validity?

Regardless of whether Pink, gray or already in Card format - any car driver's license that before January 19, 2013 was issued from now on no longer unlimited valid. Instead, they have to go through the new EU driving license be replaced. The deadline for exchanges depends on the Natal and Year of issue. For example, some drivers are obliged to exchange vehicles earlier. The following graduation applies.

Driver's license pink gray EU exchange The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!

1. Issue date to including 31. December 1998

For these drivers this is Year of birth decisive for the exchange of the old driver's license.

  • Salvaged before 1953: Exchange to 19. January 2033
  • Born 1953 to 1958: Exchange to 19. January 2022
  • Born 1959 to 1964: Exchange to 19. January 2023
  • Born 1965 to 1970: Exchange to 19. January 2024
  • Born after 1971: until exchange 19. January 2025

2. Issue date from January 01st, 1999

In this case the exchange depending on the year of issue of the driver's license.

  • 1999 to 2001: exchange to 19. January 2026
  • 2002 to 2004: exchange to 19. January 2027
  • 2005 to 2007: exchange to 19. January 2028
  • 2008: exchange to 19. January 2029
  • 2009: exchange to 19. January 2030
  • 2010: exchange to 19. January 2031
  • 2011: exchange to 19. January 2032
  • 2012: exchange to 19. January 2033

That means specifically: The old driver's licenses of the class Bissued after January 19, 2013 are only For 15 years valid. Then they have to be renewed. To get the new driver's license, he has to go to the responsible Orderly or Road Traffic Office be requested. When the driver's license is extended in Germany, the Health examination waived. Also a repetition of the driving test is not necessary. Who got the driver's license not in time exchanged, must with a request and a Warning fee expected.

In future, the motorcycle license must also be extended

Also the driver's license Class A for the motorcycle is in the future to one Extension period to 15 years bound. As with the car driver's license, there is also no requirement here health certificate must be submitted and the exam must also be submitted not again be filed. The Exchange periods are identical with those for the Car driver's license.

The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!

The cost of the new driver's license

The Fee for exchange is around 25 Euros. There are also costs for biometric passport photo at. This will be different Documents required for exchange:

  1. ID card or passport
  2. Biometric passport photo
  3. Age driver license
  4. Copy of index card from the driver's license office that issued the original driver's license, he should before 1999 be issued. This copy may not older than 6 weeks .

Class D: What applies to the bus driver's license?

The classes D1, D1E, D and DE allow driving with one bus. Apply to them same deadlinesthat also for Trucks be valid. After 5 years must have the driver's license extended will. Next to one Passport photo bus drivers must also be one ophthalmological report as well as a certificate for the purpose of more physical and mental aptitude submit. Also a must Functional and performance test completed and proven. In the event of a failure, there is also a threat here Criminal proceedings. Because, as in the case of a truck, it counts as driving without a license if the rag expired is.

Coach driver's license e1611659282862 The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!

Class C: What applies to the truck driver's license?

The driver's license is for the truck Kurzer and limited in time. Both the class C1 as well as C1E have to reach from 50 years of age extended be provided they before 2013 were issued. For this a ophthalmological test and Health examination needed. Newer driver's licenses are just left five years valid. The classes C1 and C1E can only be used by motorists unbefristet used to have an old driver's license the umschreib let that  before January 01, 1999 was issued. That concerns exclusively old class 3 driving licenses. These then receive the key number 79 ("CE 79") in the description. The requirement of a Eye tests and one medical Expert opinion persist. The extension also costs here 150 to 200 Euro.

Coach Driver's License Truck Motorcycle The new driver's license is coming: These deadlines apply to exchanges!

Driving with one expired truck driver's license brings Higher penalties with yourself than with one Car driver's license. Here is legal not differentiated, no driving license bestand or whether they expired is. In the best case scenario, one threatens Fine, in the worst case one up to one year imprisonment. The extension is also a few weeks or months after expiration possible without any problems, but may as long as no truck be driven. who several years too late is your turn, the test may have to be carried out erneut lay down.

Why is a new driver's license being introduced?

Anyone who has had their driver's license for decades has a old passport photo. And on this is the driver's license holder if necessary Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! to recognize. At the same time, the old document hardly shows Counterfeit protection on. That is why the EU has initiated a uniform EU driving license to introduce. Also the simplified regulation regarding his Validity period was issued. Already since 2013 the regulation is implemented - also in Germany. That has that End of lifelong driving license heralded.

Of course that had not been the case.

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