Homologation: important information about tire approval!

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Tire adhesion Grip Meaning Explanation 4 Homologation: important information on tire approval!

There are vehicle tires that are developed for a special model. This is a special type of tire approval, as Approval referred to as. The choice of tires is particularly important for sports cars. In this article we explain why homologation is relevant at all and what advantages you have with tailor-made tires.

What is homologation?

Homologation Car tire homologation: important information about tire approval!

Is from one Tire approval the language, this denotes a technical one Tire approval. This is of particular interest to tire manufacturers. In order to be approved for a certain car model, the tires have to go through a lot of test points. Factors such as the resistance, which Size:, which Driving noises and I baked the braking belong to these checkpoints. Such an approval represents a quality feature for the corresponding tire. Whether it is an approved tire is based on a Marking on the tire plank to recognize.

Original accessories

Hankook tire OE homologation: important information on tire approval!

In principle, it is possible for all tire manufacturers to obtain tire approval for vehicles. However, there is one more specific type of tire that needs to be highlighted, namely that Original accessories. Often times this is called OE (Original Equipment) advertised. These tires are those with which a vehicle is delivered from the factory. These tires are specially tailored to the vehicle in question and undergo months of tests. The tailor-made tires offer the highest possible safety and a perfect driving experience for high-quality vehicles from Mercedes, BMW and Porsche.

Types of original equipment tires

  • Compulsory tires are a type of tire that may only be mounted on vehicles if they are approved for this.
  • Technical tires may also be mounted on other vehicles, but only if specified reservations made by the tire manufacturer are observed.
  • Free tires are tires that are part of the original equipment, but may also be mounted on other vehicles.
  • Tires that can also be mounted on any other vehicle are Original tires. Only if they have a corresponding mark on the tire are they only approved for a special vehicle. You can find an overview of some of the markings at the end of our article.

Meaning of marked tires

Every car model is unique. There are serious differences here, especially with the weight distribution. In order to always have optimal driving behavior, it is important that you mount tires that are individually tailored to your car model. Having a suitable tire mounted on the vehicle not only means ideal driving comfort, but also has safety-related aspects. The safest option for your vehicle are OE tires.

michelin bmw x4 x3 OE tire homologation: important information about tire approval!

The process for approving tires varies from car manufacturer to car manufacturer. Each manufacturer sets its own regulations, which they believe are essential for satisfaction. Changing individual characteristics has a huge impact on the driving experience. If one vehicle manufacturer concentrates on a tire with high resistance to aquaplaning and good grip, another vehicle manufacturer may find it more important that its tire is particularly robust and quiet.

Markings / labels of the manufacturer

With a tailor-made tire, safety is increased to the maximum and driving comfort is increased. In order to meet their own standards, automobile manufacturers only award their best tires as a seal of quality Original equipment release. So that you do not lose track of the amount of individual markings and designations, we have summarized the most important markings for you:

N identifier - Porsche

  • A tire with a N marking indicates a tire approved by Porsche. At Porsche, the N indicates the Nürburgring. The premium car manufacturer Porsche tests its tires on the Nürburgring. At Porsche, there are also markings with numbers, for example N0. In this case, the digits indicate the position in the Porsche series. In this case, the marking N0 means that it is the first tire with a Porsche approval.

N tires porsche homologation: important information on tire approval!

MO tires - Mercedes

  • Is a tire with MO labeled, you are dealing with a "Mercedes Original". These were specially developed for Mercedes vehicles by the vehicle manufacturer Mercedes. These tires have been “Mercedes-optimized”, as it were, as they are manufactured under certain specifications. In principle, there are no differences between summer tires MO and winter tires MO in terms of quality, apart from the use in the respective seasons. Both types of tires are subject to the same quality standards.
    mo MOE tires mercedes e1633797342296 homologation: important information about tire approval!
  • Additionally there is MOE tires (Mercedes Original Extended). Tires with this mark have one reinforced side wall. Even in the event of major damage, the tires can still be driven, which is why there is no additional one until the next workshop Spare or spare wheel is needed.

Star marking - BMW

  • For tires with a Star are marked, these are tailor-made tires from the car manufacturer BMW. These tires must also meet higher standards than are required by law. Therefore, they go through particularly rigorous tests. Of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S is an example of a star-marked tire. Together with BMW and other manufacturers, these tires were specially designed for sporty vehicles.

BMW star tire homologation: important information on tire approval!

AO tires - Audi

  • Only Audi tires have the lettering AO, A or AOE. As with Mercedes, the suffix E stands for Extended. Even here, thanks to the emergency running system, damage can still be present and the vehicle can be driven at low speed to the next workshop.

aO tires audi homologation: important information on tire approval!

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