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Everything about the maximum permissible total weight (GVW)

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As a maximum permissible total weight will be the weight of that vehicle including payload may weigh maximum. The technically correct designation for the permissible total weight is in Part 1 of the registration certificate to be found and is there as "technically permissible total weight in kg" designated. But how is the gross vehicle weight made up? The permissible total weight or the permissible total mass is made up of the curb weight of the vehicle and the maximum payload. For example, if a vehicle has an empty weight of 1.000 kg and the maximum payload is 500 kg, then this results in a maximum weight allowed for this vehicle of 1.500 kg.

Where can you find information about the gross vehicle weight or gross vehicle mass of the vehicle?

You can always find the permissible total weight of a vehicle, whether it's a car or a caravan, in the vehicle registrationwhich is correctly identified as a registration certificate part 1 referred to as. The permissible total mass of the vehicle is there under Point F.1. cited.

Empty weight approval Total weight certificate Everything about the maximum permissible total weight (GVW)

In the registration certificate, however, are none Information on the maximum payload can be found. This must be calculated separately. To calculate the maximum payload, simply take the curb weight of the vehicle that is under Point G can be found and subtract this from the gross vehicle weight (Point F.1.) from. In this way you can easily determine the maximum payload. Here's an example: A vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of 2.040 kg and an empty weight of 1.565 kg. This results in a maximum for this vehicle Payload of 475 kg.

Deviations must be taken into account!

Often, however, it can also happen that the actual curb weight of the vehicle differs from the curb weight specified in the vehicle registration document deviates. For this reason, trailer drivers in particular should put their cars or caravans on one special scales Have it weighed so as not to overload the team.

Payload for caravans

Unlike a car, most are caravans or trailers no entries for empty weight present in the vehicle registration document. Since the curb weight has to be deducted from the maximum permissible total weight to calculate the maximum payload, the maximum payload for a caravan can be calculated cannot calculate based on the vehicle documents. In order to obtain an exact curb weight of the caravan, you must have the vehicle weighed completely empty. This is the only way to determine the curb weight and subsequently the maximum payload.

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How can you weigh a caravan?

In order to be able to weigh an empty caravan quickly and cheaply, it is best to drive to the nearest waste dump or to the nearest building materials dealer. But you should definitely find out about the Accuracy of the balance inform in order not to experience a nasty surprise later. Most of the scales that are used for materials only show the weight in 20, 40 or 50 kg increments. Therefore, if the scales are not very precise, the empty weight can quickly deviate by a few kilograms, which is why the maximum payload cannot be calculated exactly.

It is of course safer if you visit a company that has a calibrated vehicle scale disposes. You can also weigh your caravan at home. You will find various scales in specialist shops that cost between 100 and 150 euros. Many providers offer scales for caravans or caravans, which are especially suitable for calculating the actual empty weight.

Increase the permissible total weight of the caravan, otherwise the payload will be low: Many campers know the problem that the load in the caravan too low fails. This is especially the case with older models. They have usually been upgraded with many extras so that they scratch the maximum permitted total weight even without holiday luggage. This means that you hardly have any reserves left for luggage, awning or other equipment, such as bicycles.

How can you save some weight?

  1. It is best to drive with an empty or almost empty water tank.
  2. Be sure to switch to aluminum gas cylinders.
  3. Always load heavy luggage into the towing vehicle.
  4. Transport bicycles on the roof of your car and not in the caravan.

If all measures do not help and the caravan is still on the verge of overloading, then you should think about the caravan to charge to leave.

Caravan camper scales weigh weight Everything about the maximum permissible total weight (GVW)

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