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What happens if a traffic light speed camera is triggered?

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traffic light speed camera fine What happens if a traffic light speed camera is triggered?

If you are at Red Driving through the traffic lights in a larger city, there is a good chance that you will is flashed. But can you even tell whether you have triggered the speed camera? When the light on the traffic light switches from green to yellow, many drivers do not know whether to stop or drive fast. As soon as the decision was made to cross the traffic light after all and at the end something red was seen, many drivers wonder whether they have activated the speed camera at the traffic light. Driving over a red light is the same in Germany most frequent traffic violation - although it is one of the most expensive crimes. If the light does longer than a second was active and you have crossed it anyway, this is subject to a fine of 200 Euros fined. As retaining two points and a one-month driving ban.

the traffic light speed camera

traffic light speed camera fine red What happens if a traffic light speed camera is triggered?

In the event of a serious dangerous offense, a judge can investigate §315c Criminal Code (StGB) even arrange that of the Driver's license is revoked and a prison term of up to five years is possible. In most cases, drivers are already aware that they have been flashed or not. But you can do it too to noticeif you actually got a flash? With most speed cameras this is noticeable by a clear signal, usually a red flash. This is where the term “speed camera” comes from. Nowadays, however, so-called Black light strobe used, whose "lightning bolt" is often used by motorists cannot is noticed.

red traffic light penalty accident 2018 What happens if a traffic light speed camera is triggered?

Therefore, drivers cannot assume that they have not been flashed if there was no light to be seen. Many drivers mistakenly think that every device possible at a traffic light is a speed camera. But often these are only Motionwhose job it is to switch the traffic lights depending on whether cars are waiting in front of them or not. Cameras at traffic lights often only have the purpose of observing the traffic and no traffic irregularities to be documented. As most of you know, the speed camera is located across from the traffic lightsin order to document the act in the event of the red light being run over.

But how does such a speed camera actually work?

Some of you may have noticed that the speed camera is always triggered twice. The first time is when crossing the marked stop line and the other time when entering the so-called Protection area. In this way, it can be assured whether a car driver has only crossed the stop line and stopped because he noticed his mistake or whether he still crossed the stop line. There are in the ground Induction loopsthat trigger the speed camera. The images can also be used to calculate how fast the driver was when crossing. If the stop line is crossed but not crossed, there is only a threat Fine of 15 euros. However, it is also possible that no notice of fines will be issued at all.

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