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Tuning the e-bike! These are the risks and penalties!

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E Bike Tuning Tuning of the E Bike! These are the risks and penalties!

As with cars, there are people who are simply not satisfied with the performance of their e-bikes and would like to tune. But they obviously don't know what risk they are running. However, more than Internet access and a corresponding website for such tuning items are not really necessary for the project. On relevant websites, there are changed software for more performance of the e-bike. The consequences of such unauthorized tuning are many hobbyists though or not clear. If they are caught, the police face fines and in accidents with personal injury there is even trouble with them statutory health insurance. At first glance, however, there are many reasons for tuning e-bikes or pedelecs (Pedal Electric Cycle) seem to speak.

E-bike tuning is not difficult

E bike tuning penalty 3 tuning of the e bike! These are the risks and penalties!

S-Pedelecs (speed pedelecs) support the driver with the electric motor up to 45 km / h. But they are already official mopeds and must insured will. There is even one helmets are mandatory and drivers must have at least one Driver's license the class AM have. The e-bike is a little slower. This is why a lot of work is done here to get at least the level of a pedelec. To tune an e-bike and thereby, for example, the motor support over 25 km / h to achieve is not a great art. Interested parties can legally order the right tuning kit over the Internet and connect it to their e-bike. However, after installing the tuning kit, driving on public roads is no longer possible no longer permitted. The speedometer of a legal e-bike indicates the speed correctly. At 25 km / h the support from the motor is switched off and you only go faster if your own muscle strength allows it. Other sensors that measure the power consumption of the drive or the speed of the motor also determine the speed.

How is the tuning done?

E bike tuning penalty 3 1 tuning of the e bike! These are the risks and penalties!

  1. Tuning chips in the price range 50 to 150 EUR from the Internet are simply connected and only give every other signal to the electronics in the speedometer and share the speed signal. So the electronics only show half the speed. This means that when the engine appears to be running up to 50 kilometers per hour, it only shows 25 kilometers per hour. Justified by the limited power of the drive at some point are from the practical side approx. 40 real km / h possible with this type of tuning. However, as mentioned, the kilometers driven so far are not displayed correctly.
  2. Tuning chips in the price range 150 to 200 EUR work differently. They only share the signal from a higher speed. The mileage is indicated incorrectly, but not quite as conspicuous as with the cheaper chips. This means that the police cannot easily detect that the bike has been fudged. Of course, it is still feasible for the law enforcement officers.
  3. Tuning chips in the price range 200 to 350 EUR even show the correct maximum speed, average speed, trip distance or interval at all times. Depending on the bike, even higher speeds can then be achieved. With suitable tuning software, a high-quality e-bike can also achieve motor support up to a real 50 km / h.
  4. Reprogramming by a "remover": This allows you to set the limit manually higher. This tool is installed between the console and the battery and operated via the supplied display. The maximum speed support can then be set to levels such as 25/35/45/55 or 65 km / h. The remover changes the programming of the system and can be removed again after the modification. The modifications can also be reversed.
  5. Overvoltage or faster rotating motors: By applying a higher voltage, new top speeds can also be achieved. You can overvoltage motors in which the motor revolutions per minute is directly proportional to the voltage in volts.
  6. Larger pedelec wheel hub motor: If you install a motor that is actually designed for a smaller rim, the top speed and torque are increased. At the expense of the engine, of course.

Simple installation, even for the layman!

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All chips can be installed without technical or manual experience. They are simply attached to the electronics of the e-bike via USB plug-and-play and that's it. There are also some variants that have to be soldered. But here, too, installation is very simple and can be done in a few minutes thanks to the enclosed operating instructions.

More performance through falsified software!

Young people have always tuned their scooters. This classic tuning is also possible today with a current e-bike or pedelec with a chip. Normal e-bikes make it easier for the driver to drive up to 25 km / h with a motor. In addition, the electronics are switched off. Of course, e-bike owners can drive faster than 25 km / h without the help of electronics. But only with muscle power! A tuning kit releases the electronic lock with negative consequences for the entire e-bike. However, the legal consequences for the driver are even more considerable. As already mentioned, speed pedelecs with an electric motor even allow the driver a speed of 45 km / h. Therefore, they belong to the category of mopeds and require liability insurance. The driver must have an AM driving license with him and must wear a helmet. None of this is the case with a souped-up e-bike.

Consequences for a hot-melted e-bike?

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If an e-bike supports more than the prescribed speed, it no longer counts Bicyclesbut lawful to the Motor vehicles. So the e-bike has to authorized and insured will. However, the tuned e-bikes are inadequately equipped for approval. S-Pedelecs, on the other hand, are perfect for road traffic, they can be registered and insured. However, if tuned e-bikes are used on public roads, the driver violates them Road traffic regulations. In this case, the vehicle is not insured against liability. If the driver is caught, one threatens him Ad and he will later due to an offense after the Compulsory Insurance Act fined. And the vehicle will usually ensured.

Manufacturers and experts know their way around!

Manufacturers and experts will easily see how the e-bike was tuned. From experience, for example, it is an indication if the mileage is inconsistent with the charging cycle. The battery consumption of a modified e-bike is considerably higher than that of a non-tuned one. Experts also recognize possible manipulations by changing the firmware of the e-bike or even any self-made throttle grip in the case of a pedelec.

A tuned e-bike and the consequences!

If a tuned e-bike is involved in an accident, the rider faces consequences:

  • He definitely has to expect a fine
  • He pays the damage to the vehicles involved
  • No insurance is liable for the damage
  • In the worst case, he could face imprisonment for driving without insurance
  • There is no guarantee for the e-bike
  • No entitlement to health insurance benefits

Due to the lack of liability insurance, the personal and financial risks are considerable:

  1. Statutory health insurance. Anyone riding a souped-up e-bike is acting deliberately. Section 52 of the 5th Social Code entitles the health insurance company, in the case of proven intent, to allow its insured persons to contribute to the costs incurred in a reasonable amount. The health insurance company is also entitled to reclaim the sickness benefit paid.
  2. Almost all parts of the e-bike wear out faster due to the tuning. The e-bike becomes more unsafe over time because its individual parts are designed for the standard speed of 25 km / h.
  3. If you intervene, the Guarantee claim. The manufacturer will declare that in this case the defects are self-caused. Any necessary repairs are therefore at the expense of the driver.

Tuned pedelecs and the consequences!

It is a risk in every respect to illegally ride a tuned e-bike on public roads. You can then expect a complaint and in the event of an accident you will usually have to pay for all or at least almost all damage. The manufacturer of the e-bike will deny you any guarantee.

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E bike tuning penalty 5 tuning of the e bike! These are the risks and penalties!

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