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Yesterday we dealt with what to look out for when buying a tuning vehicle "to buy" möchte. And today it's about what to look out for, a Tuning vehicle to "sell"! Incidentally, we deliberately do not speak of a “car” because the information also applies to modified motorcycles and other vehicles. Tuning a vehicle usually costs not only money, but also Time. Likewise, a lot of passion is often put into the vehicle. So it's all the more difficult for yourself reasonable price when selling the vehicle. Basically, professional / expert tuning is also correspondingly more valuable. If it is a five-digit sales price, we even recommend a technical one valuations. This will facilitate the negotiations and the arguments later.

Pricing issues

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However there is also Alternativeswith which you can sell your tuned vehicle without lengthy sales negotiations. As is known, modified vehicles are not straight unpopular. In any case, you should all Invoices, receipts and supporting documents regarding the total time and Material costs cancel. This does not mean, however, that the sum of these bills will also add one later realistic price represents. As already mentioned, the professionalism of the tuning is crucial: is it one highly bred Engine, but with one too low dimensioned Cooler and too weak Brakes, that is not exactly conducive to a successful sale of the vehicle. That means: Compressor or turbo conversion and drum brakes at the rear? A no-go! However, if the tuning kit is tuned, for example with tuners like ABT Sportsline, Brabus, Manhart Performance and Co. is the case, there is a very high probability that interested parties will be happy about it. That is just as crucial Registration of the vehicle: A vehicle from TÜV tested will attract significantly more prospects than one that is only approved for the racetrack.

Valuation report for extensive changes

About the value for the tuned baby as correct as possible To determine, it is advisable, as already mentioned, to visit a vehicle appraiser who is a so-called valuations created. It is checked whether the conversions really are professional were carried out, but also other aspects such as the general condition of the car, eventual Accidental damage and also the mileage. Such an appraisal usually costs a few hundred euros, which is a good investment, as it often makes the offer more interesting for potential buyers, and therefore also for you more serious Act.

Appraisal report tuning classic car report 2

That such an appraisal is not required for a vehicle that only has one Chiptuning or maybe one Sports exhaust system owns, goes without saying. Is about a Airride air suspension built in, to a Carbon aerodynamic package, a noble one three-part wheel set and maybe one more individual interior, then such an appraisal is for a plausible explanation of the targeted retail price in any case beneficial. Of course, you still have to find someone who is willing to pay the estimated price.

Buying used vehicles online?

Another alternative are various platforms for the Online sale of the vehicle. The advantage is that you do not have to pay for an expert opinion in advance and also do not have to negotiate. You enter the most important data of your vehicle and then receive a first one assessment regarding the price. After that you can make an appointment with a expert agree who will check the vehicle again carefully and then give you a binding offer submitted. Of course, you do not have to accept this offer if the price is too low for you. The problem with such platforms is that one is particularly interested in tuning hardly any concrete information can do and therefore only in the rarest of cases a serious one realistic purchase prices receives. If the vehicle has only received a simple chip tuning, then such a platform can make sense. But you can try it. If the price is too low, there are still alternatives.

Valuation report tuning oldtimer car report

Tip: stay fair and honest!

In any case, stay fair and Honestly. For example, is the vehicle with a not approved wheelset equipped, so inform the potential buyer about it. If an accident with personal injury occurs due to the illegal modifications, you may not only be liable, but also face a personal dilemma. The thoughts about a few euros may be Human life After all, nobody wants to have on their conscience in the evening before going to sleep. But you can also do it without an accident illegal tuning parts cause major problems for the buyer. Starting with a simple one fine, über die closure from the vehicle, points in Flensburg to the driving ban a lot is possible depending on the offense. And besides the official costs, the buyer also incurs the Costs for the rear Armor and an eventual Re-performance at a testing organization.

Glazing taillights illegal
Not painted like this - painted tail lights are illegal

"Preparing the car - the optics play a major role."

Needless to say, the car is in perfect condition when sold. This also includes good optics. A thorough cleaning of the car should therefore be carried out. Here you should pay attention to the following things:

  • Sweep out and clean the interior thoroughly
  • Thoroughly vacuum and clean upholstery and carpets
  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Check paintwork for scratches and dents and touch up if necessary
  • Check tires for damage and replace if necessary
  • A clean and well-groomed overall impression of the car increases the chances of a successful sale.

"Arrange a test drive - the buyer wants to test the car."

An important factor in selling a car is offering a test drive. A potential buyer usually wants to try out the car and see for themselves how it drives.

Test drive insurance check contract sale documents

As a seller, we should make sure that we agree on the time and duration of the test drive with the buyer. It is also important to clarify the insurance regulations and explain the main features and settings of the car to the buyer. It is advisable to include the contact details of the buyer. A test drive increases buyer confidence and can lead to a positive relationship in the long term. It is therefore essential to ensure that all aspects of a test drive are clear and organized before the buyer gets on board.

It is important to note that during a test drive by the buyer, the seller's motor vehicle insurance covers damage to third parties, but any damage to your own vehicle must be covered by the seller's comprehensive insurance. In any case, it is always worth making a quick call to your own insurance company.

"Agree on payment - clarify financial matters."

An important aspect of the sale is the clarification of financial matters. You should note the following things here:

  • Price negotiations and agreement of the selling price
  • Arrange payment modalities (cash payment, bank transfer, financing)
  • Handover of the vehicle registration and the vehicle papers
  • De-registering the car at the Road Traffic Office
  • A clear and unambiguous agreement on financial matters avoids later problems and facilitates the sales process.

Here it is particularly important to ensure that sensitive data is transmitted during the sales process and that other scams are observed. It is worth considering private sale or directly through the dealer.

Used car leasing Used car leasing Car buy sell 3

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