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UNECE regulations tuning

Warning - now comes dry theory! The UNECE regulations are the regulations for technical regulations for wheeled vehicles of the UN Economic Commission for Europe. An erroneous designation is "UN / ECE regulations", the usual designation is the abbreviation as "ECE regulations". The abbreviation UNECE stands for "United Nations Economic Commission for Europe".

Motorbike suspension tuning

Content of the UNECE regulations

The regulations were first adopted by 1958 and then updated. They contain technical requirements for all wheeled vehicles (So also rail vehicles), their equipment and the parts that can be installed in them. The most important global definition of UNECE regulations for motorists and garages is the mutual recognition of technical approvals for vehicle parts by the participating states. This means that a part manufactured in Italy with ECE approval is also approved in Germany. In 2018, 51 is a party to the ECE Convention. These are 50 states and the European Union as a separate legal entity. This also applies to EU Member States that have not acceded to it (currently Cyprus, Ireland and Malta). Important to know: The member states of the EU each have their own ECE codes (Germany the 1), although the code number 42 applies to the whole EU. That's because the EU itself does not grant permits, that's what its member states do. There are many signatory states outside the EU, such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, Azerbaijan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South Korea, Malaysia, Tunisia and Thailand, The UNECE regulations cover almost all parts and equipment of a motor vehicle and determine how it must be designed so that the vehicle is considered to be safe from traffic. With the technical progress a constant adaptation of the regulations takes place.

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UNECE labeling and its effects

The UNECE regulations determine the type of ECE marking with an "E" in the circle and the country code as well as other relevant signs for approval. Parts with ECE marking may be installed or installed in the vehicle without a certificate of approval, nor must the driver have a certificate for general purposes approval (ABE). It must be a valid ECE mark. Also equipment belongs to it. A well-known example is the child safety seat, which has had to comply with 2008 test standards ECE 44-03 / ECE 44-04 throughout Europe since April. Older seats no longer allowed. Whoever uses them pays 30 Euro Verwarngeld. The ECE signs are available for many parts of the vehicle, which are also newly installed during tuning. Virtually all the relevant parts of the light are included, as well as door locks and the radio interference, the steering system, wheels, tires and brakes, seat belts and seats or their anchorage, headrests and horns, the rear impact structure, speedometer, rearview mirror, the exhaust system, catalysts , Heating systems and much more.

Child seat UNECE tuning

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