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What to consider when importing vehicles to the USA!

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Anyone wishing to export a vehicle to another country in order to drive and register it there must, of course, observe the laws in force in that country. The same applies to a motor vehicle that is to be imported to Germany from another country. We already have extensive information about this in our contribution to "Converting import vehicle" reported and later in this article we will go into it again shortly. We have shown which changes may need to be made so that a vehicle can be officially used in German road traffic. But what does it look like if you want to drive a vehicle registered for Germany in the USA, for example?

Register and drive vehicle in the U.S.

Vehicle import USA Info What to consider when importing vehicles into the USA!

If you want to bring a vehicle that was not built for the US market to the USA in order to drive there legally, you have to expect considerable conversion costs. If you take that into account and still want to register the vehicle in the USA, you should of course in Ahead know the conditions. For example, the provisions of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) be respected. The EPA monitors vehicle exhaust emissions in the United States. On the website www.epa.gov further information on the EPO can be found in this regard. In addition to the EPA, that is also in the USA Department of Transportation resident. DOT, the abbreviation for the department, acts as the approval authority for vehicles that are imported into the USA. For example, DOT regulates the special import provisions. If the vehicles have been equipped by the manufacturer for import into the USA, they receive a so-called RI badge from the manufacturer. If there is an RI badge, then it is a "Registered Importer". Anyone who imports a vehicle with an RI sticker must, however, enclose the so-called HS-7 form at customs. For more information on DOT regulations, see www.nhtsa.dot.gov to find. Becomes a Oldtimer, who is at least 25 years old, imported into the USA, then the aforementioned import regulations do not apply. So it's more worth it!

Meaningful or senseless?

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The occasional ongoing subsidies from European vehicle manufacturers and the exchange rate from US dollars to the European currency (euro) speak against the import of a current vehicle (not a classic car) into the USA. German vehicles are sometimes almost 30 percent cheaper to buy in the USA than in Germany. For these reasons, importing is often pointless if it is a "normal" car from series production. If you are of course the owner of a strictly limited Bugatti, Königsegg or whatever, then that changes for the owner. Such a car is of course not easy to find in the USA. If it is a conventional VW Golf, a Skoda Octavia or an Audi A4, then a new purchase in the USA certainly makes more sense. Furthermore, spare parts for European vehicles are more difficult to get in the USA and sometimes have to be imported at a high price. Another disadvantage of an import.

Tired of vehicles that can be bought here?

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If you don't like the vehicles that are available in this country, you can also import a car. When importing a vehicle from abroad, however, as already mentioned at the beginning, several factors should be taken into account. Vehicles from abroad, for example, have to be transferred with foreign license plates. And if you want to register your car in Switzerland, you have to know that certain requirements are placed on the vehicle. It is one Certificate of conformity (EG) necessary, through which the customs can check the vehicle better. Further information on the certificate of conformity is available from the cantons' tourist offices. In order to import the vehicle, an assessment must also be registered with customs. Import duties are also payable based on vehicle value and weight. An electronic import customs declaration is required for customs clearance of the car in Switzerland. The import declaration can be completed electronically at the customs office or directly online.

Which documents are required for import?

  • proof of identity
  • Vehicle ID
  • Purchase contract, invoice
  • Proof of origin
  • Import declaration (electronic)
  • Registration certificate (vehicles with German license plates)
  • “Foglio complementare” for cars with Italian license plates

A car from Europe is duty free. New and used cars are calculated based on unit weight and cubic capacity. There is also an automobile tax. 4% of the respective vehicle value is then due. VAT (7,7%) must be added to the amount. Further costs are not excluded. Furthermore, proof of insurance and a test report for the approval of the Road Traffic Office are required. An expert review is also pending.

Vehicle import USA Info Italia Switzerland What to consider when importing vehicles into the USA!

in summary the vehicle import:

  • As a rule, it is not advisable to import a motor vehicle into the USA in order to register it there
  • high conversion costs are often due (vehicles often have to be equipped with other components or spare parts)
  • Familiarize yourself with the conditions in advance
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations apply
  • Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the special regulations for imports into the USA
  • Exceptions to the import regulations are classic cars (at least 25 years old)
  • Exchange rates from US dollars to euros + subsidies from European vehicle manufacturers often make self-importing uneconomical

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Of course that had not been the case.

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