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The vehicle registration document - explained quickly and easily!

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Vehicle registration certificate Vehicle documents Tuning The vehicle registration document is easy and quick to explain!

vehicle registration and registration document, that is, the two Registration documentsthat you get when you register a vehicle. These have been given since 1. October 2005 in its current form and under a new official name. The known vehicle registration became now Registration certificate Part 1 called and the registration document to registration certificate part 2. Many drivers still name their two vehicle documents today vehicle registration and registration document. In the current forms, however, you can find them under the name "Registration certificate“With the old terms in brackets that are common in linguistic usage.

Why was the vehicle registration certificate renamed Part 1?

2005 were within the European Union the vehicle registration document and the vehicle registration document are replaced by the registration certificate part 1 and the registration certificate part 2. The aim was to make these documents clearer unify und sie more forgery-proof to design. The current vehicle registration, i.e. the Registration certificate part 1, is a folded, pale green card in the Format DIN A7 on one Special paper. The new vehicle registration document is the registration certificate part 2 is in the DIN A4 format on too Special paper printed. The previous "old" vehicle documents are incidentally still valid. At the Loss same or that Re-register of a vehicle since October 1, 2005 new vehicle registration certificates are issued that contain the old vehicle documents replace.

Vehicle registration Vehicle registration documents The vehicle registration document is easy and quick to explain!

What do you need a vehicle registration document for?

Im vehicle registration are all important technical information of the vehicle and allow a identification of the vehicle. These are also documented in the vehicle registration document official approval to operate the vehicle in road traffic.

What information is in the vehicle registration document?

The vehicle registration document is the "identity card“Of a vehicle. In addition to the personal data of the vehicle owner, the official License-plates and central Technical specifications of the vehicle.

Can I have a copy of the vehicle registration document with me?

No, the vehicle registration must be always original in the car be carried. He sees that Section 11 (6) of the Vehicle Registration Ordinance (FZV) in front. Only with the Original papers the police can check whether the appropriate permissions are indeed in place available are. The data stored in the vehicle registration document is also stored in the local and central Vehicle register documented. So it's enough should not, just one Copy of the company Vehicle certificate part 1 to carry. In that case a Warning money of 10 euros imposed.

Vehicle registration police control letter approval The vehicle registration document is explained simply and quickly!

Why are the codes in your vehicle registration document?

To any Language problems within the EU member states to avoid and around Vehicle controls zu simplify, authorities have for some particulars EU-wide uniformly valid Numbering Also Codes set. These EU-wide codes are exposed letters and Sub-numbers together, such as

  • C.3.1 name or company name
  • C.3.2 First Name
  • E Vehicle identification number
  • P.3 fuel or power source

There are to be found nationally relevant information in the vehicle registration document, which are identified by other numbers in brackets. These codes are included in the German vehicle registration document numbers expressed, such as

  • (9) Number of drive axles
  • (14) Designation of the national emission class

Field (15.1) to (15.3): In addition to the specified tires, other tires can also be fitted if they are valid Operating license / EC type approval to have. An extra report and a change or reissue of the registration certificate part 1 is not necessary. You can tell which other tires are allowed COC (Certificate of Conformity = EEC Certificate of Conformity).

Field (22):  One with General operating permit /EC type-approval  or. Individual operating permit approved or one after §21 StVZO prepared report as certified according to regulations Trailer hitch, is at the next presentation at the licensing authority Section 13 (1) sentence 2 FZV by registration certificate part 1 to note.

Key numbers from the vehicle registration document (letter fields including meaning)



Date of first registration




Type / variant / version


Trade name (s)


Vehicle identification number


Technically permissible total weight in kg


Permissible total weight in kg in the Member State of approval


Weight of the vehicle in operation in kg (empty weight)


period of validity


Date of approval


Vehicle class


Number d. EC type approval / ABE


number of axes


Technically permissible trailer load, braked, in kg


Technically permissible trailer load unbraked in kg


Cubic capacity in cm³

P.2 / P.4

Nominal power in kW / nominal speed at rpm


fuel or power source


Power-to-weight ratio in kW / kg (only for motorcycles)


color of the vehicle


Seats including the driver's seat


Standing room


Maximum speed in km / h


Standing noise in dB (A)


Speed ​​in m1 for U.1


Driving noise in dB (A)


CO₂ (in g / km) combined value


Relevant emission class for the EC type approval

Number fields and their meaning



Manufacturer short name


Code to (2)


Code for D.2 with check digit


Check digit for vehicle identification number


Type of construction


Designation vehicle class / body


Date to K


Technically permissible maximum axle load / mass per axle group in kg

(7.1) to (7.3)

Axis 1 to axis 3


Maximum permissible axle load in the Member State of registration in kg

(8.1) to (8.3)

Axis 1 to axis 3


Number of drive axles


Code for P.3


Code to P


Volume of the tank for tank vehicles in m³


Nose weight in kg


Designation of National Emission Class


Code to V.9 or (14)



(15.1) to (15.3)

on axis 1 to axis 3


No. of the registration certificate part II


Feature for operating permit


length in mm


Width in mm


Height in mm


Other notes


remarks and exceptions

Vehicle registration Vehicle registration documents The vehicle registration document is easy and quick to explain!

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