Roof transport: it can go up on the vehicle roof!

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Christmas tree Christmas tree Vehicle roof transport e1638873231874 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

Everything we have to carry with us in the car for our safety, is aware of every driver. We also learned in driving school that we should stow and secure whatever we want to take with us in accordance with the regulations. We know that we should store large and bulky items such as suitcases in such a way that they do not fly through the car and that we have to fasten the bike in such a way that it stays in place while it is in motion, but what are the regulations exactly there, at least only they know that.

we summarize the regulations

Transporting a load on the roof e1638873346409 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

At the beginning the most important: When it comes to cargo, it is always about safety. This is especially true for the car roof. If something is not properly attached there, in the worst case scenario it can fly in the direction of oncoming traffic on the first bend. This can have extremely serious consequences. In order to avoid an accident, points in Flensburg or a fine, there are a few things to consider when it comes to roof transport. How do I load the vehicle correctly? What types of roof racks are there? What kind of fine can I expect if I load the wrong goods?

Regulations and Penalties

The road traffic regulations describe exactly the maximum packing dimensions of the load in §22.

  • The maximum load width may not exceed 2,55 meters.
  • The maximum height of the vehicle and load may not exceed 4,0 meters.
  • The load must not protrude forward over the vehicle up to a height of 2,5 meters. This protects pedestrians.
  • The maximum length beyond the rear of the vehicle is 1,5 meters or even up to 3,0 meters for a distance of less than 100 kilometers.

Police control sign barrier The roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

If road traffic is endangered by violating these requirements, the catalog of fines contains the following penalties:

  • Lack of protection against avoidable noise: € 10
  • Missing securing by means of prescribed securing means: 25 €
  • Failure to comply with the specified maximum height, width and length to the front: € 20
  • Failure to comply with the maximum height on the motorway> 4,2 m in height: 70 €, 1 point in Flensburg
  • Load not safely stowed: 35 €
  • Load not safely stowed away and road users at risk: € 60, 1 point in Flensburg
  • Load not safely stowed away and causing an accident: € 75, 1 point in Flensburg
  • Charging not in accordance with regulations - traffic safety strongly influenced: 80 € and with an accident 120 €, 1 point in Flensburg

In general, it can be said that the load must not slip and the center of gravity must be as low as possible in order to achieve the Danger of tipping over to reduce. In order to keep the load on the car as small as possible, a roof load should be removed as soon as possible. The increased air resistance can also lead to additional fuel consumption of up to 1,5l / 100 km and the background noise in the vehicle is significantly louder.

Carrier systems for the car

2020 Land Rover with Front Runner roof rack 1 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

To take a larger load with you, for example when going on vacation or when moving house tension belts essential. And for additional loading, they are specially tailored to the respective vehicle Roof or rear rack systems. We recommend individual carrier systems with adapters for the right purpose. Depending on the occasion, bike racks, ski racks or roof boxes can be attached. Information on the maximum permissible roof load is given by the car manufacturers and can be found in the operating instructions.

Special case Christmas tree on the roof?

Basically, when transporting a Christmas tree on the roof, it is about not a special case. Here, too, the key points mentioned above must be taken into account. In other words, it must not protrude forward, it must be securely fastened and attention should also be paid to the weight due to the maximum roof load specified by the manufacturer. You should do this with a Put a blanket underneathso that the paint on the car does not get scratched and the lower end has to be removed from the Christmas tree pointing forward. The securing by means of a tension belt (not a simple rubber expander) Needless to say. Tip: Maybe the tree even fits in the roof box?

Summary information - how to transport the Christmas tree correctly:

  • Transport in the trunk?
    - Fold down the seats
    - Trunk towards the driver
    - The end of the trunk should hit the backrest
    - Fasten the tree with lashing straps
    - If the trunk is left open, the tree may have the rear light and the license plate do not cover up
  • Transport on the roof?
    - Consider roof rack (roof rack)
    - Put a blanket underneath
    - the lower end of the tree must point to the front
    - Secure the tree with a tension belt
Transport Christmas tree BMW IX The roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!
Error: tree trunk does not point forward (Image: BMW)
  • incorrect loading costs 60 euros + 1 point
  • stands the Christmas tree more than a meter beyond the stern, then he has to go with one marked with a red flag (in the dark with a red lamp)

Christmas tree trunk red flag Transport Fine 1 The roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it. has a lot of other articles on the subject of auto & tuning in stock. Do you want to see them all? Just click HERE and look around. But also planned changes in the law, violations in road traffic, current regulations in the field of STVO or on the subject inspection we would like to inform you regularly. Everything you can find in the category "Test sites, laws, offenses, information". Following an excerpt of the last information:

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24 12 2021 Image Antennenpruefung 310x165 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

Do you need the “red flag” when transporting Christmas trees?

Christmas tree trunk red flag Transport fine 310x165 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

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315 PS Toyota GR Yaris with Akrapovic sports exhaust 2 310x165 Roof transport: That can go up on the vehicle roof!

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