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What gets more expensive, who gets more money? - That will change in 2021!

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Formula 1 2020 CO2 Carbon Dioxide What will be more expensive, who will get more money? - That will change in 2021!

  • Fuel, heating oil and gas are becoming more expensive: This is ensured by the so-called CO2 levy, which is part of the federal government's climate protection program 2030.
  • Increase in the commuter allowance: From the 21 kilometer this is now 35 instead of 30 cents per kilometer.
  • More child benefit and Hartz 4 benefits: The child benefit increases by 15 euros per child. The Hartz 4 standard rate will be increased to 446 euros for single people.

The year 2021 brings with it some important changes that will be felt in the wallets of consumers. In addition to tax relief and higher social benefits, however, increasing expenses in the area of ​​transport and heating can also be expected. We have summarized the most important changes for you below.

CO2 tax: more climate protection, higher prices

Germany has set itself the goal of greatly reducing environmentally harmful CO2 emissions. As part of the 2030 climate protection program, the so-called CO1 tax was therefore introduced on January 2021, 2. A tax is payable for the emission of carbon dioxide, which arises from the combustion of fossil fuels such as crude oil and natural gas. This is 25 euros per tonne of CO2 emitted. The gas or oil companies have to pay this tax, which they pass on to the consumer. This leads to higher prices: It is to be expected that the price of diesel will rise by around 8 cents per liter and petrol will be around 7 cents per liter more expensive.

Save fuel with tuning magnets Refuel What gets more expensive, who gets more money? - That will change in 2021!

Motor vehicle tax: New calculation favors cars with low fuel consumption

For vehicles registered from January 2021, new vehicle tax rates apply. Cars that use a lot of fuel and thus also emit more carbon dioxide are now taxed higher. This is to ensure that consumers are more likely to opt for fuel-efficient new vehicles. Good to know: Nothing will change for vehicles that have already been registered.

A higher commuter flat rate is particularly advantageous for long-distance commuters

The commuter allowance will be increased from the previous 21 cents to 30 cents per kilometer from the 35st kilometer. Commuters who travel long distances to their place of work benefit from this in particular. For them, the higher commuter flat rate compensates for the increased fuel prices.

Plus for parents: more child benefit

Child benefit will increase by 2021 euros per child in 15. This results in the following amounts:

  • For the first and second child: 219 euros.
  • Smartphone For the third child: 225 euros.
  • From the fourth child: 250 euros.

Increase in the Hartz 4 rule set

Hartz 4 recipients will receive more money per month from January 2021. The following list shows the new rule sets:

  • Single persons or single parents: 446 euros
  • Partners within a community of need: 401 euros
  • People of legal age who live in an inpatient facility: 357 euros
  • 18 to 24 year olds living with their parents: 357 euros
  • Young people aged 14 to 17: 373 euros
  • Children from 6 to 13 years: 309 euros
  • Children from 0 to 5 years: 283 euros

Other important changes in 2021

In addition to the changes already mentioned, there are many new features that will apply from 2021. We have briefly summarized some of the most important ones for you below:

  • The minimum wage will initially rise to EUR 9,50 per hour. On July 1, 2021, there will be a further increase to EUR 9,60.
  • The “yellow certificate” will be abolished. From now on, doctors will send the certificate of incapacity for work digitally to the insured person's health insurance company.
  • The value added tax rises again to 19 percent.
  • In the case of personal bankruptcy, the remaining debt will be discharged after three instead of six years.
  • The basic pension is introduced. People who receive a low pension receive a supplement to the statutory pension

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