Can illegal parking lead to the loss of the driver's license?

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Wrong parking Germany fines e1638971241641 Can wrong parking lead to the loss of the driver's license?

If the ticket is less than the parking fee, you can tend to simply risk it. However, it can serious consequences to have. In this case, trusting luck that you won't get caught seems like a promising idea only at first glance. One should bear in mind that there may be more far-reaching consequences than just a steadily growing collection of nodules. For simple wrong parking you get no point in the traffic offender file. It serves as a set of rules to punish violations of the StVO. There are, however, a few exceptions, which are very well assigned points, and which one should know. Who about designated Parked up escape routes, must not necessarily hope for understanding from the police and fire brigade. The same applies if emergency vehicles are blocked. Be for this alone 60€ due and you get one point.

Illegal parking can cost the driver's license

parking in the wrong place in Germany: foul ticket 2 Can parking in the wrong place lead to the loss of the driver's license?

After the reform of the points system a few years ago, you lose your driver's license after collecting eight points. But also who no points collects in Flensburg, you shouldn't be too sure that a driving ban or the loss of license can not affect. In this way, anyone who breaks the rules particularly often can receive a so-called Medical-psychological examination (in short: MPU) are prescribed to the basic ability to check for driving a vehicle. Anyone who refuses or fails this examination, also known as the idiot test, is the one loses his driver's license.

Vehicle owner's liability

Even if you weren't the one who parked incorrectly, for example because your family or friends also use your vehicle, you can still be the vehicle owner for their misconduct can be used. So reported the bild newspaper about a man who in two years 83 traffic tickets had collected. He stayed away from the prescribed MPU and lost his driver's license. The court left the argument that he was not responsible for all the parking tickets, but that his wife drove Not apply and thus confirmed the loss of license.

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