Ares design

In the midst of the artistic atmosphere of Modena, Italy, one encounters an unusual combination: Ares design, tuning and design. Here the highest technical demands of the motorized world of vehicle tuning combine with the finest Italian sense of art and aesthetics. The result proves: Autotuning does not necessarily have anything to do with lowering. The company places the highest value on style: reborn legends, optimized and individualized, make hearts beat faster. Icons of the car world are tuned here, closely geared to the individual wishes of customers and the requirements of today. But not only the legends are upgraded here. The company also offers a typical Ares design for contemporary such as the Mercedes Benz V-Class or the Land Rover Defender. And lands a full hit here too. The technicians and designers at Ares Design use both innovative and traditional techniques to achieve unprecedented top performance. Beauty combined with excellent technical finesse. This is causing a stir in the company's studios around the world. There is more about the company

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