Friday 15nd October 2021


The Chinese tuning company Aspec specializes in initially inconspicuous vehicles to transform PS monsters with a blatant look. They use the efficiency we are used to from our Asian friends. The ordinary becomes something special in this car tuning forge. But not only in China itself are the girls and boys from Aspec famous for their creativity and sensitivity when it comes to car handling. Far beyond their own borders, the community likes to see new projects in which, for example, one VW Scirocco R is the true sports monster with Ultra wide Bodykit made of carbon fiber and 450 PS under the hood is cobbled. The scene is thrilled with upgrading ordinary cars into true barrows or tempo star, and that's exactly what the Aspec team perfected. Classic tuning in the highest quality form can definitely be expected here. If you ever plan a trip to China, a look in the workshop is definitely worthwhile.