Auto Magnus GmbH

When it comes to strong, masculine-looking cars, the tuning company Auto Magnus GmbH is not far away. If the company from Munich was a pirate crew, then the ship would have the shape of a bicep Ford Mustang, as a figurehead the V8 engine and iconic on the flag Dodge Aries. Autotuning is a show of strength, the team has definitely understood this and lives out this philosophy in their projects! Fans of real barrows will get their money's worth. Fancy a car like a battering ram and as stylish as a bodybuilder in a smart tuxedo? Or should the already roaring Mustang thunder like a tropical storm? No problem for Auto Magnus GmbH. Experience, international contacts and the love of masculinity in bodywork come together in this company and produce chic powerhouses, individually tailored to customer requirements. So who sees himself as an alpha animal with over-boiling testosterone, or for our ladies estrogen, and wants the right car for it? Then go ahead!