Ground car house

The auto tuning company Boden Autohaus based in the States understand how to make a car the best of the best. From the right component selection to the professional installation, no details are forgotten, and this is where the tuner comes into play. The highly qualified and competent staff will work with you to coordinate your construction from the beginning. There is no project that can not tackle it, offering a full range of services, including customized manufacturing, tuning, suspension technology, forced induction, and more. Boden AutoHaus offers tuning parts from Rotiform, Accuair, Air Lift Performance, Brembo and many other well-known brands. The company refines mainly luxury vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracan, the Gallardo, the Urus, McLaren, Audi R8, Nissan GTR, all AMG vehicles that Mercedes G-Class, the Ford GT40, Bentley, Rollce Royce, of course, Ferrari models and everything else that belongs to the more expensive vehicles on the market. It is known above all for its development of exhaust systems or parts of the exhaust technology and for Airride air suspensions. But it also performs body conversions and work on the interior of the vehicles.