Canepa makes dreams come true! If you invest in a Canepa collector's car, you not only get a classic or historic racing car, but you have the certainty of owning a vehicle that has been inspected, restored, repaired and checked in detail by professional craftsmen and experts. Whether mechanical or cosmetic inspection, a restoration from scratch by the Canepa team guarantees in the end to receive a car in an exhibition condition that brings extensive road tests and a completely repaired engine, a high-end chassis and a perfect body and cabin. Canepa is home to an automotive nirvana covering a good 70.000 square meters at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains (Mountain range in Central California, United States). As a motorsport team, Canepa has the competence to restore classics at the highest level and to breathe new life into the vehicles. Regardless of whether it is a Duesenberg series car or a 1973 Can-Am Porsche 917/30. From paint and body to mechanical repairs, Canepa's work is immensely detailed, uncompromisingly correct and certainly world class.

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