Caractere Exclusive

CARACTERE AUTOMOBILE is a Belgian company dedicated to the development of car accessories for Volkswagen has specialized and also on the brand Audi. Rims, sports exhaust systems, additional devices and interior accessories are available. Alain HURARD, the company's founder and trained designer, develops and markets the products in the "Caractère" area with the help of his dynamic team, which has been working since 1992 with the aim of creating a mixture of performance, quality and design. Today, CARACTERE is one of the world's best-known companies for tuning vehicles. Thanks to the extensive storage space that includes the entire CARACTERE range, orders can be processed very quickly. The philosophy of the tuner is the development of car parts and extensive knowledge of VAG vehicles. The “Research and Development” department, consisting of four designers, reacts as soon as the market launch of a new model is announced and works flat out on new components.

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