Monday 25th October 2021

Carlsson car technology

The Tuning Company Carlsson Autotechnik has been providing 1989 with optimal resources and high-quality work in the exclusive spice up of Mercedes-Benz Models of all kinds. After a sensitive and individual portion of car tuning, many high-quality luxury bodies leave the premises of the Benz specialists. But contrary to expectations, the vehicles are not designed in industrial parks or the like, where one would first suspect them, quite the contrary. The company, which was founded in 1989 by the Hartge brothers (Rolf and Andreas Hartge), is located on the beautiful Gut Wiesenhof / Merzig. The history of the farm shows the attitude of the girls and boys to their work. The brothers received the monument preservation award for the renovation of the traditional courtyard. In the course of time, a classic became a forge of progress, which is now constantly developing, but still remains true to its line and does not forget its roots. The Carlsson Autotechnik company stands for a cooperation of tradition and avant-garde that promises a lot. There is more about the company

Carlsson vehicle technology "Diospyros" Mercedes S-Cabrio A217

Carlsson Vehicle Technology Diospyros Mercedes S Convertible A217 Tuning 11 310x165 Carlsson Vehicle Technology Diospyros Mercedes S Convertible A217

Carlsson-Fahrzeugtechnik is working on the large Mercedes S-Class Cabrio A217 and has been polarizing with an unmistakable model on its Facebook timeline since yesterday. Carlsson calls the whole "Diospyros" and leans the name addition on a Diospyros precious wood (woody plants) that was used extensively in the interior. The …

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