Concept Motorsport (Indonesia)

The company Concept Motorsport (Indonesia) from Tangerang specializes in the tuning of supercars of all kinds. Ferrari, Porsche, Land Rover, Lamborghini, BMW or Maserati, the small company offers concepts for almost every vehicle of the aforementioned manufacturers. Regardless of whether a body kit is desired, the rims of the vehicle to be upgraded or a new exhaust system is needed, the small manufactory from the vicinity of the capital Jakarta strives to fulfill every wish of the demanding clientele. Many solutions are created by hand and are therefore often unique, which increases the exclusivity of the vehicles. The highest premise of the developers is always the quality of the individual components developed. Regardless of whether the wheel concept of a partner company is to be implemented on a vehicle or a complex in-house development is pending on a car, Concept Motorsport (Indonesia) will in any case meet its quality standards, not only to satisfy its demanding customers, but long term to tie. 

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