Tuesday June 22, 2021

Now also as Download - Chiptuning of Polestar

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Bodykit Volvo XC60 Tuning HEICO Sportive 2018 1 Download Chiptuning from Polestar now

Times are changing! When chiptuning came into fashion, there were only a few large companies that have offered modifications for various vehicles by changing the engine control. As a result, small workshops were almost always forced to send the control units of the cars to the appropriate tuners. Waiting times of sometimes 2 weeks or more were the rule. Over the years, this has changed so much that today almost every car workshop is able to play a chip tuning software on the engine control unit. But this variant seems to become more and more obsolete. The in-house Volvo tuner Polestar shows how it works. Who in the model year 2018 (XC60, XC90) and later (XC60 and the complete Volvo 90 range) has resorted to a performance optimization of its D5 diesel engine, gets a new upgrade only free of charge by download.

Heico Sportiv VOLVO V60 Tuning 2018 6 1 Download Chiptuning from Polestar now

Although you still have to go to the workshop here, this is still a step forward. After the update, the full manufacturer's warranty will continue to apply and of course the exhaust and consumption values ​​will not change. For the D5 there is concrete the new "Overboost" function, which ensures a performance increase under full load. For 20 seconds then 255 PS and 520 Nm are available which is quite noticeable compared to the series with 235 PS. This upgrade can be ordered from any Volvo partner and is suitable for the Volvo XC60 and the complete 90er family. At the same time, the software also ensures improved throttle response and optimizes the gear shift times of the Geartronic automatic transmission. Included is even a gear holding function that allows dynamic cornering. We are sure that in a few years the chip tuning upgrade can be sent directly to the vehicle and installed almost overnight.

powerbox Chiptuningbox Leistungsbox Now also as Download Chiptuning by Polestar

Of course that had not happened yet!

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