Dartz Motorz ​​Company

The car tuning company Dartz Motorz ​​Company follows the motto "More than most". The tuning company understands tuning to be more than just replacing existing parts with carbon parts. Darz Motorz ​​did that 20 years ago; Spoilers produced and installed, wheel arches pulled, something attached to the hood. The company sees no reason to be the best at making car spoilers or body panels - this is an area left to hundreds of other best in body kits teams. What you do is coachwork or bodywork on the DARTZ level. Nowadays it is practically impossible to own a really exclusive car. Buying an expensive car shows that money is not a problem for you. What about taste? Do you want to show your and only your taste, your wishes, your (even children's) dreams of a car that you want to drive? Or do you want to take on the general style of anyone with enough money to rent a luxury car? And that's exactly where the Dartz Motorz ​​Company can help you. If you want something very individual and unique, then DARTZ CARZ is the right contact. The best examples are Dartz Prombon Black Alligator 2K17 or even the Dartz Red Russian G 63 AMG 6 × 6.

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