Detroit Speed ​​Inc.

“Perfection cannot be achieved. But if we strive for perfection, we can achieve excellence.“That is the motto of the guys at Detroid Speed ​​Inc. And in the pursuit of perfection, the team forged the name Detroit Speed. Every part that leaves the tuner's warehouse, or every vehicle that leaves the project shop, is an example of how dedicated Detroit Speed ​​Inc. is to pursuing its own ideals. The team spends thousands of hours developing and testing new components, all of which are made in America and can be delivered to your door if requested. Detroit Speed ​​is known for durable, reliable products that typically exceed customer expectations. All components are designed by skilled engineers and then built by companies dedicated only to making the best products. The parts are manufactured using the latest manufacturing technologies such as CNC milling, forging, hydroforming and more. This brings the classic muscle car into the 21st century. Months of testing, further revision, etc., stand behind every product made available to the public. More about the company is on

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