DTE Pedalbox+: Accelerator pedal tuning in the Alpina B5 BiTurbo!

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Technological progress plays an important role in the automotive industry. Every company, every car, every user wants to be fast and progressive. That is why the automotive industry is constantly expanding its range of technologies to make cars ever more efficient, more responsive and ultimately: to make faster. One of these features in current vehicles is the electronic accelerator pedal. It is also known as drive-by-wire or e-gas. Manufacturers rely on it, since an electronic signal is always faster than a manual (E signal vs. Bowden cable). However, modern cars still lag a little behind their potential when it comes to acceleration, as the full potential cannot be exploited at the start. Due to the large number of sales markets, the vehicle manufacturer can only work with average values. What you notice, among other things, on the response behavior. Yes, the delay can be eliminated with a tool between the gas pedal and the control unit. This is where the DTE Pedalbox+, known as gas pedal tuning, comes into play.

functioning of the pedal box!

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It only takes a millisecond for the DTE Pedalbox+ to use DSP technology to exploit the full potential of the vehicle (no matter if petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric car) wakes up. The DTE Pedalbox+ improves acceleration in vehicles with an electric accelerator pedal and makes the well-known "second to think when starting off" disappear. The box receives the signal between the accelerator pedal and the control unit and modifies it. The PedalBox helps to avoid unnecessary delays when accelerating by sending a modified signal to the ECU. This allows the engine to respond more quickly when accelerating and accelerate the vehicle more effectively. The DTE Pedalbox+ can be connected with a simple "plug-and-play system" and you will immediately notice the SIGNIFICANTLY better response.

DTE pedal box+ in the 760 PS & 1.000 NM strong Alpina B5?

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Regardless of the engine power of the vehicle, we see the DTE Pedalbox+ as a sensible investment for each Vehicle with E-Gas. We have already used the product in various vehicles over the past few years (see link at the end of the post) and can say, no matter whether 60 hp Opel Corsa or +750 hp Alpina B5, the pedal box was an asset in every vehicle. Why? Because even the sharpest and most aggressive engine characteristics have no effect on the electronic accelerator pedal. This is exactly what the DTE pedal box changes. And since the engine was better from the start "depends on the gas“, it is actually possible to improve even the acceleration minimally. Our following video shows you exactly how the DTE Pedalbox+ works, what the advantages are and how to install them.

simply connect the PedalBox connector to the electronic accelerator pedal in the vehicle

DTE pedal box installation experiences test report

Incidentally, we received the original accelerator pedal tuning from DTE Systems with app control. This allows the PedalBox to be operated, preset and always kept up to date with a smartphone. Updates are then installed via the app. However, we see the greatest advantage of the app as being the possibility of being able to install the keypad completely invisibly in the vehicle and the fact that all driving programs can be changed in real time. Some information about the app:

  • more than 20 different settings possible
  • Storage of the individual presettings via app (starts with the personal desired settings)
  • automatic software updates via remote update
  • optional combination with the PowerControl app
  • four driving programs: City, Sport, Sport-Plus, Standard
  • all programs can be fine-tuned using the app or the plus and minus buttons
  • free in iTunes App StoreGoogle Play

And with the PerfecTune auto-calibration, the PedalBox can even be individually tuned to the respective vehicle. PerfecTune is a new feature of the PedalBox. You select one of the driving programs (City, Sport, Sport-Plus) and by moving the accelerator pedal individually from 0 to 100 percent, the PedalBox is automatically and self-learningly adapted to the vehicle. The following video shows exactly how this works.

PedalBox or driver's foot?

DTE pedal box accelerator tuning Alpina B5 BiTurbo BMW characteristic E1669961889762

Is there a difference between accelerator pedal tuning and quickly depressing the accelerator pedal? AND! It is not the performance of the engine that counts, but the time that the engine needs to convert this performance into propulsion! Even if you fully depress the gas pedal, the time it takes for the signal to travel from the gas pedal to the engine remains the same. Due to the standard signal, the engine can only call up its full power with a delay. Even the annoying "pedal lag" when overtaking can be eliminated with the PedalBox. The optimized signal that the DTE PedalBox+ sends to the control unit significantly improves the response. So there are no annoying delays when accelerating, but full power straight away!

Does the PedalBox increase engine power?

Accelerator pedal tuning improves acceleration and engine response. With that she can standard engine power get on the road faster. The PedalBox is therefore not a tuning box to increase performance. But there is also something on the part of DTE. Namely the DTE Power Control Performance improvements (chip tuning) for more power and torque.

Is the PedalBox subject to registration?

No, because the PedalBox is neither an increase in performance nor a change in design.

For whom is a PedalBox worthwhile?

Due to the greatly improved throttle response, the PedalBox is worthwhile in motor sports, whether on circuits or on the 1/4 mile. But the PedalBox is particularly helpful in the private sphere, for example when overtaking and the daily "swimming along" in traffic. You can simply start faster, accelerate better and overtake more confidently. Thus the Acceleration free from any delay!

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Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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