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Optimized - DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 2017

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Pedalbox DTE System Tuning 2017 Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 2017


About two years ago we have ours VW Golf 6 Estate 1.6 Tdi 4-Motion a short story with one Report on the DTE pedal box released. However, current vehicles are increasingly turning to modern SENT technology. SENT (Single Edge Nibble Transmission) is a digital interface for the communication of sensors and control devices in automotive electronics and presented DTE with a new challenge. But here they have once again proven their know-how and developed the new Pedalbox + based on a completely new hardware and software developed for this sensor technology. Due to the digitization of the vehicle sensors, several values ​​have to be processed in encrypted form in current vehicles. Complex data decryption must therefore be achieved, an optimization must be created, and then encryption and transmission to the control unit must take place again. And as if that weren't complex enough, the whole thing has to be done in real time by the Pedalbox +.

And it is precisely the decryption and encryption of the complex data that make the work extremely complex; at that time it was not necessary for analog sensors, but now a lot more had to be taken into account. To cut a long story short, the DTE team mastered the hurdle with flying colors and presented it with the pedal box+, Shortly after the introduction of this sensor technology, it was the first provider to optimize the accelerator pedal characteristic for vehicles with and without SENT technology. Compared to the "normal pedal box - 3S", the new one offers the advantage of being able to be used in both analog and digital vehicles. It can be set individually for each vehicle because the programs adapt to the car independently with their own learning process, in just 3 steps. It enables a more precise and faster signal transmission while at the same time increasing the processing speed. Another argument for us is the significantly higher quality optics with your aluminum housing. After all, you want to keep up with the constantly growing quality standards in the interior and the New Pedalbox + can definitely do that.

As with the "old", the installation is identical & simple and can be carried out by the layperson within 10-15 minutes. We also tried it and installed the pedal box in our VW Golf 6 Variant 1.6 Tdi 4-Motion (🔧click🚗). Since we used the "old" pedal box every day, and our vehicle only has an analog gas pedal, it is difficult to explore all the advantages of the pedal box + and for this vehicle they are probably only in the area of ​​the significantly higher quality optics. But only because we had already installed the 3S system and our Golf does not have SENT technology. However, the purpose of the development should be to optimize the accelerator pedal for current vehicles with digital SENT technology, and that is exactly what DTE-Systems has achieved and has thus gained a lead over its competitors. We have not wanted to be without the system for 2 years because there is really a clear difference compared to the standard gas pedal. You can feel the whole thing particularly clearly when you simply deactivate the pedal box and drive a few kilometers (most noticeable in city traffic) without the system! The best thing is to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new you will be informed immediately.

DTE Systems Pedalbox SENT Technology 2017 Tuning 4 2 Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 2017
Tutorial for installation below

These are the details for Pedalbox +:

  • Plug & Play installation
  • for digital accelerator pedals with SENT technology & usable without (multi-protocol technology)
  • individually adjustable to the vehicle (programs adapt to the vehicle, in only 3 steps)
  • DSP technology
  • more precise and faster signal transmission compared to the pedal box 3S
  • Increased processing speed
  • Real-time capable high performance microprocessors

We have a lot more reports from DTE-Systems, the following is a small excerpt:

DTE-Systems GmbH with Touareg Power in the Skoda Kodiaq

Skoda Kodiaq Chiptuning DTE Pedalbox 6 310x165 Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 2017

362PS & 535NM in the Ford Focus RS from DTE-Systems GmbH

Ford Focus RS DTE Powercontrol chiptuning pedalbox 1 310x165 Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 2017

Mercedes-Benz E 220d (W213) with 218PS & 449NM by DTE

Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + 220. Mercedes Benz E 213d W2 Chiptuning Box PowerControl SENT DTE 1 1470985738632 e310 165x2017 Optimized DTE Systems presents the PedalBox + XNUMX

for vehicles with digital SENT technology


As already mentioned above, we would like to show you in a few simple steps how to install the DTE-Systems Pedalbox + and this is a good possibility based on our VW Golf. After you have unpacked the pedal box you will find that only one cable with two different plugs should get the whole thing going. The accuracy of fit of the plugs and the obvious hints for a smooth installation facilitate the whole thing enormously. On our Golf we had to remove a small cover with two plastic screws and you can see the plug that controls the electronic accelerator pedal. When the ignition is switched off (key is best removed), simply remove the plug and connect it to the counterpart of the pedal box +. The other plug of the pedal box + (optically identical to that of the vehicle) is then simply connected to the gas pedal and that's basically it.

The picture on the far left shows you the standard connector and all three connectors (pedal box & vehicle) can be seen in the middle picture.

The cable with which the pedal box is connected is long enough to find a suitable position in the vehicle for the installation. You can install the whole thing relatively inconspicuously in the lower part of the dashboard, or you can do it like us and look for a suitable position in the clearly visible area. The delivery includes two adhesive strips that you attach to the pedal box holder, then simply remove the protective film and attach the holder to the desired position.

Now learn the system and already the new pedal box + is ready for use. A short video on how to learn the pedal box we have included for you. Of course, the exact steps from the installation of the system to training and use you will also find in the scope of delivery of the DTE-Pedalbox +. If you do not trust the whole thing, even without any prior appointment, almost every car repair shop will be able to block the box in 10min for five euros.

Configuring the Pedalbox + is extremely simple

Function test -> difficult to explain in the video, you just have to experience it!

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