Saturday 8st May 2021

ECD Automotive Design

The car tuning company ECD Automotive Design spans 30.000 square feet and grows with 50 full-time employees building the best award-winning specialist vehicles in the US. The founders of the tuning company grew up in England, the Midlands, about 60 kilometers from the famous Lode Lane factory where Land Rover Defenders was made. They were surrounded by these original vehicles from an early age and mostly rode around on the farms of their friends, sometimes together with hay bales, the family dog ​​or occasionally with the livestock. The founders, Tom, Elliot, Scott, quickly became interested in vehicles, especially classic English vehicles. Elliot's first vehicle was 1987 an Austin Mini. Toms was an 1967 MGB Roadster. When Tom and Emily, his wife, moved to the US, 2012, they decided to open a dealership and import some of the vehicles they had been so passionate about over the years. In 2013, ECD Automotive Design opened its dealership / showroom for the first vehicles and some trucks. Tom, his brother Elliot and the first employee, Brandon, worked 18 hours a day, pulling them Land Rover Defender and rebuild them according to customer requirements. There is more about the company