Tuesday 28st September 2021


Electrogenic is a company from Oxford in the UK that specializes in electrifying classics from bygone days. It doesn't matter whether it's a Citroën, a Jaguar or a good old VW Beetle. In principle, every Electrogenic vehicle can be converted to an electric drive. Electrogenic refers to the cars as Retro-EV or R-EV and not only enables the modifications to vehicles that the customer brings, but also goes in search of the classic they want. Electrogenic realizes most of the electric vehicles with technology that it has developed entirely in-house. Incidentally, the company's first electrified vehicle was a 1967 VW Samba bus. It doesn't matter if you have an old one Audi, one BMW or Mercedes drive, and also classic exotics like a Maserati, Porsche or a Rollce Royce are electrified on request. More about the company can be found on electrogenic.co.uk.