The car tuning company Folienwerk-NRW is based in Krefeld. As the name implies, the tuning company specializes in the foiling of vehicles and offers full, partial and foiling of the interior. Incidentally, the boys do not stop in front of caravans or motorcycles and foil everything they can get their hands on. With the TÜV, customers of Folienwerk-NRW will not have any problems, because the company has its own TÜV test bench on which all work is carried out. The advantages of a full-wrap, the so-called car wrapping are obvious. Not only does the film protect the paint of the vehicle, it is also a cost effective alternative to give the vehicle a completely new and extravagant color. The films offer optimum protection against stone chips. In addition, films without leaving any residue are removable again. You also save on money and you also do something for the environment if you foil the vehicle instead of repainting it. In a Teilfolierung especially the outer mirror, the roof and the rear spoiler are popular. No matter if you have one Audi, one BMW , or Mercedes are driving. And also exotics like one Acura or Maserati get there a new look.

Mercedes Benz S-Class W221 by Folienwerk-NRW

Mercedes Benz S Class W221 Folienwerk NRW Satin Dark Gray Foil Wrap Tuning 4 1 e1469084935345 310x165 Mercedes Benz S Class W221 by Folienwerk NRW

What does this Mercedes C350 have in common with Prior Design Bodykit, a spectacular Audi RS7 PD700R in Atlantis Blue or this unmistakable Mercedes Benz C-Coupe? They all come from the halls of the Krefeld tuning company Folienwerk-NRW and they have all been wrapped around with film and some of them have been extensively converted. No exception is made ...

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