Garage Italia Customs

Imagine going on a trip to beautiful Italy. Sun Beach Sea. The people are hospitable and you feel right at home. At some point you run into an incredibly blatant work of art that you don't know how to classify. It looks kind of cool, but it doesn't fit into any category. This is exactly how you can imagine an encounter with the Tuning Team from Garage Italia Customs. The girls and boys from the south are always happy to present more or less eccentric works of art in terms of car tuning, which are definitely recognizable and really cannot be classified in any category. There is no other way to name it, if for example a Fiat Panda becomes an eye-catching piece of art that looks like a mixture of racing car and cool box. Exactly such moments make the Garage Italia Customs so popular in the scene. Their unpredictability and ingenuity suggest that they definitely have a place in the future. There is more about the company

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