Friday July 30, 2021

Garage 54

The Garage 54 YouTubers (Гараж 54) are originally from Russia and have been making a name for themselves with completely crazy videos since the end of 2017. And for some time there have also been various offshoots, such as Garage 54 from England, that is original and remains Гараж 54. It doesn't matter whether a car tire is filled with concrete, whether you make a wooden rim or, alternatively, the brake pads Replaces wood, the ideas are seemingly limitless. And those interested in high-performance sound systems will also get their money's worth, because surely you always wanted to know how a 32-inch (0,81 m) subwoofer looks like on the roof of a car. And if you live in Siberia, Team Garage 54 will always give you instructions on how to use 5 tons of water to turn an ancient UAZ into one Mercedes-G class transformed. You can be curious about what ideas the boys come up with. We will definitely show you the most spectacular ones on tuningblog. There is currently more about the company only on YouTube.