Geiger Performance (GeigerCars)

In 1979, Karl Geiger opened his Geiger Performance workshop (GeigerCars) in Munich. Since then, the company has shone especially in the field of auto tuning. GeigerCars has had experience with automobiles for 40 years. This is particularly noticeable in the sales, maintenance and refinement of the vehicles. In the workshop service, trained specialists perform unique work with the most modern tools and techniques. Other areas include, for example, car trading, car service and the import of American cars. It is not for nothing that the company is internationally known for tuning and the so-called "American Way Of Drive". Karl Geiger, for example, has one Chevrolet Corvette C2 Caprio 800 PS awarded. The media even call the company the leading tuner of American automobiles in Europe. In addition, GeigerCars is official contract partner of Chevrolet, HUMMER, Ford, Cadillac and is of course also familiar with various other brands. In the tuning area, the company offers, among other things, problem solutions, accessories and a complete vehicle conversion. GeigerCars not only sells dream cars, but also rents them out and offers top insurance. There is more about the company

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