Gemballa GmbH

Gemballa - that sounds a little German at first, but when you let the word melt on your tongue, it is not tender and smooth, but really hearty. Because it's all about tuning. And that's exactly what is behind Gemballa GmbH, which was founded in 2010 and is based in Leonberg. However, the company's origins go back to 1981. Gemballa is a tuner and a Carmakers, The company specializes in the autotuning of PorscheVehicles. Gemballa also builds its own vehicles based on the body-in-white of the Porsche. The brand survived the headlines surrounding the kidnapping and murder of company founder Uwe Gemballa. With the takeover by the investor Steffen Korbach, the company took a new direction and specialized more than ever in the tuning of Porsche vehicles. In addition, you also want to place your own vehicles on the market and who is interested can also buy one McLaren or have a Mercedes refined by Gemballa. There is more about the company

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