Tuesday April 20, 2021

Gordon Ting

If there is a description that applies to the tuning company Gordon Ting, then it is probably the following: Unpredictable and full of surprises! The team of Gordon Ting is like the Joker from Batman of the car tuning: one can think about what they are planning, but in the end but surprised. Gordon Ting amaze the community regularly with their various projects. Sometimes with the bright yellow Gordon Lexus LC500, which looks like he was born fresh from a futuristic dimension of a Transformers mother, and sometimes with the very serene, civil and humane-looking Lexus RC F. This, in principle, demonstrates the creativity and adaptability of the girls and boys to different desires and needs Needs. And precisely because of this adaptability, the creativity and the obvious love for work, one can attest to the enterprise a long life span. You will surely be surprised and admired a few more times about the similar and yet completely different projects of Gordon Ting.