can actually be described with a metaphor that can be related to the name of the company from Kirchdorf. You open the spice cabinet and take out a relatively normal-looking pepper shaker to enjoy your good meal during your first lunch break. As soon as you have the first peppercorn on your tongue, the heat jerks through you and you think to yourself "My God is hot, that was unexpected!" This is exactly how it looks here. An ordinary vehicle comes out of the tuning workshop with unbelievable sharpness, triggers the wow effect and you think "My God is sharp, I didn't expect that!" are artists when it comes to depth and prove it anew every time. Autotuning has one of its roots in the classic lowering and we are thinking about it. Custom-made products, which are made especially for the team, make ultra-deep versions of almost every vehicle possible, of course with a lot of steam under the hood - just a sharp thing! There is more about the company