Wednesday May 12, 2021

Heffner Performance

The American company Heffner Performance is the leading supplier of twin-turbo systems, as well as parts and accessories for some exotic car models. Since 1998, based in Sarasota, Florida, their ideas for innovative projects have been implemented. Heffner tries to make her clients' dreams come true with a modified world-class model. Their twin turbosystems will also be added Lamborghini, Audi R8, Ford GT, Viper, as well as selected custom made used. Road and full-racetrack applications are available at the company. Autotuning at Heffner Performance is fully equipped with the latest software and equipment. Similarly, the establishment of the company is state-of-the-art and is constantly evolving and constantly improving, as well as an ever-expanding international dealer network. In tuning, the company honors Heffner Performance for a balance of power, design and reliability, without distorting the intended nature of the automaker. At the same time, the tuner offers first-class customer service and extensive support for its customers.

Video: Underground Lamobrhini Gallardo Bi-Turbo vs. Heffner Gallardo bi-turbo

Underground Lamobrhini Gallardo Bi Turbo vs. Heffner Gallardo Bi Turbo 310x165 Video: Underground Lamobrhini Gallardo Bi Turbo. Heffner Gallardo Bi turbo

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