HKS Co. Ltd.

The HKS Co. Ltd. is a car tuning company based in Japan, which is known worldwide for its tuning projects. The company specializes in Nippon vehicles of the Toyota, Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Mazda and Suzuki. HKS offers complete products for one of the world's renowned automobiles in the form of the Nissan "R35 GT-R". For the highest performance they research and develop the GT800 Racing Spec and the newest product is the GT1000 Racing Spec. The interventions by HKS Co. Ltd. generate an absolutely high output even from the normal speed range. Not only do we deliver power, we also develop a complete system to make the vehicle perform at its best. And it gets better every year! 700 hp was previously a top performance for sports cars. With the R35 GT-R, however, this is only the result of a minor intervention. He has a lot more potential for even higher performance. If you want to race on a racetrack, you always need more power to win. And the GT800 racing specification can produce 35 hp on the racetrack with the twin turbo of the R800 GT-R and the engine that supports it. With the GT1000 Racing Spec from HKS Co. Ltd. are even more than 1000 hp. There is more about the company