Being chic on the premises is no problem thanks to Icon. From classic cars to off-road vehicles, everything is possible. In this way, something special can be extracted from even a simple SUV. It can therefore be trusted that the Tuner Icon specializes in classics, but is also suitable for newer models. Many owners would like the old vehicle to remain in its original condition. It is therefore all the more important that the perfect mix can be found. The tuner brand Icon has mastered the use of materials such as leather and co. By itself. This means that almost every car can be based on the past in no time at all. It is precisely the little things like a gear lever that make the difference. When the old is suddenly made new, it is no coincidence. The Tuner Icon has the classic car industry firmly under control and will certainly provide one or the other highlight. Tuning by the old school master is not just car tuning, here several empirical values ​​come together. The best example is this Lincoln Mercury from 1949. There is more about the company icon4x4.com.

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