Wednesday April 21th 2021

iND distribution

Since its founding over ten years ago, the company has become a major player in vehicle tuning. The experts work according to a very simple principle. Everything that is manufactured and developed within the company is based on the fascination of vehicle technology. IND Distribution has set itself the task of using only the best and highest quality materials in the refinement of vehicles. As a result, the company was able to set new standards as exclusive supplier to Eisenmann GmbH, 3D Design and Eventuri. Quality, innovation and passion are the pillars on which the company bases its work. Continuous development in all areas makes IND Distribution a sought-after partner for vehicle tuning (especially for the brand BMW) on the North American market. The developments of the last few years and the commitment in all areas of development lead us to expect that the company from the Chicago area will continue to be a fixture in the field of tuning over the next few years. More about the company is on