The tuning company Inden-Design from Rennerod sees itself as a specialist for Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari. For some, that may be a limitation, but for the boys and girls of Inden design is setting on Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz just the right aspect of auto tuning. Every vehicle is treated and processed with the greatest respect and sensitivity. It does not matter whether it is brand new cars or already used bodies, which may already pass as senior. Every vehicle can experience a complete overhaul and be modernized and spiced up for lovers of all kinds. Another love for the Renneroder girls and boys is their rims. From 15 to 22 inches, top models are offered that leave no taste behind. Whether one-piece or three-piece, nobody is left out. A team that has raised its expertise to a true art and will hopefully stay with us for a long time to come. High quality work that is done with passion. That is what you expect and get from Inden -Design! There is more about the company