Founded in the year 1997, the tuning company Komo-Tec GmbH has become a certified one-man business LotusPartner developed. Company founder Daniel Koblitschek was given the joy of racing within the family. After all, his father has been successful in racing in the 1960ern with Lotus Elan. Thus the way was already predetermined. Komo-Tec has established itself as an autotuning specialist for Lotus racing cars. The employees work with a lot of know-how and heart and soul in the tuning of cars. The successful implementation of the company is proven by numerous participations and successes in the Grand Turismo Championship and the FIA ​​GT Championship. Also at the Nürburgring in the 24 hour race their cars were several times at the start. In the year 2009 the company celebrated the rise in the sports car championship. Here she has already won two European championship titles. Also in the year 2019, the company secured its participation in the Lotus Cup Europe with the Evora GT4. Because of its success, Komo-Tec has been 2015 Lotus Authorized Dealer and therefore authorized to distribute brand new cars.

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