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In the fields of vehicle refinement and car tuning, KW Automotive GmbH already looks back on more than 20 years of experience and expertise. Therefore, the name of this company is a household name for premium products. KW can offer customers the largest range of coilover suspensions. KW Automotive GmbH is an important partner for many recognized companies in the automotive industry. Countless companies that offer first-class tuning in automobiles rely on the expertise of KW Automotive GmbH in chassis systems. When this company was founded 1995, it consisted of only 3 employees with an operating area that included 150qm. The manufacturer is now a globally networked group, which employs about 200 employees at five locations and its headquarters in Fichtenberg (Germany) has a total production area of ​​about 23.000 sqm. The authorized managing directors are Klaus Wohlfahrt and Jürgen Wohlfahrt. KW Automotive GmbH also manages the LSD Performance brand. There are patented Wing door conversion kits manufactured. This exclusive door hinge system makes it possible to open the doors of automobiles upwards, as is the case with the Lamborghini. There are undercarriages for almost all vehicle brands and this is also requested by the subsidiary, the ap Sportfahrwerke GmbH, No matter if Audi, BMW or Mercedes or exotics like Acura , or Maserati. You can find out more about the company at

Semi-active KW suspension technology for Porsche Restomod!

KW DDC ECU Mletzko Backdate night stand recording 001 310x165 Semi-active KW suspension technology for Porsche Restomod!

Fichtenberg, Osnabrück (Germany), November 24th, 2021 - KW automotive has developed a semi-active coilover kit including a chassis control unit and modern sensors for the air-cooled Porsche 911 (964). The KW chassis control processes various signals such as steering angle, vehicle speed and vertical wheel accelerations in real time in order to ...

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Manthey-Racing wins the ADAC TOTAL 24h race Nürburgring 2021

ADAC TOTAL 24h race Nuerburgring 2021 Manthey Racing KW Porsche 3 310x165 Manthey Racing wins the ADAC TOTAL 24h race Nürburgring 2021

Porsche-Team Manthey-Racing wins the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race Nürburgring 2021 for the seventh time with KW Competition Technologie. The motorsport customers of the chassis manufacturer KW automotive were very successful at the 49th edition of the ADAC TOTAL 24h Race Nürburgring. In addition to the overall victory of the Manthey-Racing "Grello" -Porsche ...

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