LCE High Performance (Lake Constance Engineering GmbH)

The team from LCE High Performance (Lake Constance Engineering GmbH) has been drawing attention to itself in recent years with project vehicles such as a Porsche Carrera GT or various sports quattros. LCE has a large performance workshop with an all-wheel-drive test bench that can measure up to 3.000 hp and the company's many years of experience make it possible for the vehicles to be individually upgraded with high-quality performance for almost all brands and models. LCE has managed to offer high-quality tuning software for almost all types and also complete vehicles like one Audi Sport quattro replicas with over 1.000 hp are no problem for the company. Regardless of whether it is chassis, rims, tires, downpipes, intercoolers, high pressure and fuel pumps, exhaust systems, upgrade turbochargers or sports air filter systems, LCE Performance (Lake Constance Engineering GmbH) enables tuning from a single source. And LCE is even an authorized dealer of ESMOTOR products in Germany. It will be interesting to see what kind of vehicles LCE will do in the future. More about the company can be found on

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