Saturday 23rd October 2021

Legend automobiles

Legende Automobiles is an American start-up that has dedicated itself to a Restomod version of the legendary Renault Turbo 3 with the first project "Turbo5". One of the three founders of the company is Frenchman Alan Derosier, who worked at Renault as an exterior designer from November 2018 to June 2019. And with the presentation of the vehicle, Legende Automobiles announced that the Renault design team is looking forward to the result. At Legende Automobiles he acts as Creative Director and in recent years Derosier has come more and more into the public due to his own retrofuturistic vehicle designs. He is also employed as head of the automotive design team at the Kiska design agency. The two French Charly Bompas and Pierre Chaveyriat also belong to Legende Automobiles. Legend Automobiles is based in LA, California