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Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracán on a scale of 1:24

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Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracan Scale Aoshima 28 Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracán in 1:24 scale

Building and tuning model cars is a hobby that is ideal for small and large car fans. The Japanese company Hobby design figured that one Liberty Walk widebody kit for Lamborghini Huracán models from the model car manufacturer Aoshima im Scale 1: 24, would certainly attract a lot of attention, and in cooperation with LB Works presented the body kit, which is especially suitable for the above-mentioned model cars. If you don't have an Aoshima model of the Huracán in your showcase, you have to buy one before you can attach the LB-Work body kit. The set costs a lot on the internet at 107,81 Euros, and is of course also available in Germany and Europe. In addition, there are costs for the matching model Lamborghini, which, however, only includes 38,63 Euros to book.

Perfectly implemented down to the smallest detail!

The Huracán from Aoshima is coming unpainted, just like the tuning kit from Hobby Design, which hugs the lines and contours of the Lambos perfectly. All body parts of the base vehicle should of course first be primed with black paint. A small airbrush gun, as you know it from model making accessories, is ideal for this. The second layer is then a black one Metallic paint, which, as you can see in the photo, is simply sprayed on from the spray can.

It goes without saying that each component has to be painted individually in order to achieve a perfect result. If you want to recreate the LB-Works Huracán, after the first layers of paint have dried, you have to apply a red metallic paint so that the color corresponds 1: 1 to the original. Various small parts such as rims, brakes or the Liberty Walk stickers are of course also included in the upgrade kit, and ensure authenticity and a real tuning feeling, even if this is a 1:24 scale model kit.

Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracan Scale Aoshima 6 Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracán in 1:24 scale

The widebody kit must of course be attached separately, and tools are required to attach the typical holes that characterize the kits from Liberty Walk. These holes are best made with a screwdriver or tweezers because they should be 0,5 mm in diameter. In order to stand optimally in the showcase, there is of course also a matching stand with a Lamborghini emblem and a model badge, which confirms the authenticity of this upgrade kit.

The cockpit was also implemented down to the last detail.

Model builders not only want to marvel at an almost perfectly detailed vehicle on the outside, they also want to build a vehicle that has been reproduced in detail in the interior. It is therefore perfectly clear that this model kit also has a fully reproduced cockpit that shines with the highest level of detail.

Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracan Scale Aoshima 8 Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracán in 1:24 scale

Our Summary for this LB Works Lamborghini Huracán in 1:24 scale:

We are impressed by the tuning options available for model cars these days. The LB-Works-Kit illustrates the great tuning potential that lies in the small collector's items, and thus old and young can be enthusiastic about vehicle tuning, as everyone can simply lend a hand on this vehicle. You can of course take a look at our picture gallery, or simply try out for yourself whether you have the skills to implement such a project. If we receive more information in a timely manner, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed about this if you simply use our Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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Hobby Design Lamborghini Huracán on a scale of 1:24

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