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Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Widebody PUR LX12.V12 Tuning 8

Liberty Walk is an originally Japanese company, which consists of several business areas around the car. LibertyWalk co., Ltd is a division of Liberty Walk, headquartered in Setogawacho, Owaraki-Asahi, Aichi Prefecture 488-0023 (Japan). It provides vehicle inspection, maintenance and tariffs for vehicles originating from the sale of LibertyWalk vehicles and complete vehicles. The company offers comprehensive advice on the import and export of vehicles.

LB Holdings co., Ltd.

LB Liberty Silhouette WORKS Ferrari 458 Italia GT Widebody 2

LB Holdings co., Ltd is a division of Liberty Walk, headquartered in Setogawacho, Owaraki-Asahi, Aichi Prefecture 488-0023 (Japan). The company deals with design, development, planning and parts sales of body kits. It can be found at various events worldwide. If you have questions about body kits, this company is the right contact person. It is the own sheet metal factory in Motomachi, Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture 485-0072, which carries out customs and repair work related to vehicles from production, development, sheet metal repair and custom painting of complete vehicles. Specialists in sheet metal, paint, airbrush, etc. look after each customer's vehicle.

LB Plannings co., Ltd.

This business is headquartered in Setogawacho, Owaraki-Ahi, 488-0023, Aichi (Japan). It sells the autotuning parts of Liberty Walk. It also operates an online store with the auto-tuning parts. In addition, the tuning company deals with business development and consulting, planning and issuing domestic events and the licensing business. The specialty store is located next to the showroom café and you can also enjoy a delicious coffee while watching the converted super sports cars. Liberty Walk mainly offers body kits for the Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Mini, Dodge, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Lexus, Daihatsu and Suzuki brands. The products are offered in four different series: LB Works, LB Works GT, LB Performance and LB nation (for domestic vehicles). The products of the different series are available either in different materials up to noble carbon.

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